R.I.P Rocawear

Last night was crazy.. I was pretty flucked up and before I went to sleep I managed to recap the night on my sidekick, the only ? is whether or not to censor... but I'll make that decision later... Oh yeah Erykah Badu later tonight... I'll let y'all know how that goes, hopefully things go my way but who knows...

R.I.p. Rocawear

I remember when Rocawear used to run the game... I forget when I people were really just on that shit, but I remember when I went to the club with a dude and he hd on the whole shiny Rocawear jean suit jacket and the jeans. So we get in the club and I remmeber he had his jacket buttoned up. So we fall of in there and dude takes off his hacket and he's got no shirt on! I mean he's kinda cut up but this man in the club pop lockin' lookin like a dancin bouncer.
But I remember myself lustin after a few Rocawear items, and as a matter of fact, I've still got a pair of Rocawear shorts somewhere around here.... but I watched Rocawear go from being in the front of the store and flying off the shelves to slowly moving to the back of the store.
Coogi's slowly on it's way back there, but these young thundercats still wanna wear it and keep it visible. STOP.
it's a like walking a razorblade when wearing bright colours and neons. It's so easy to make a mistake and fall off into the pit of wackness. And believe me Coogi, definatly fails and has slipped up a long time ago.

I'd say Rocawear became wack in my eyes when they had those jeans with the Red Monkeyish hand painted R in the back. Then they went to this one jacket with a globe on it, and then Jay Z went on a world tour and led his clothing line to damnation and wackness. Now Rocawear just settles for following trends a.s.a.p. instead of trying to create them.
So R.I.P. Rocawear 1999-2005 you won't be missed.


arychtexas said...

This blog so so true! Man I was one of those guys rockin that ish till early 2005 katie bought me a chinc inspired rocawear jacket after that I hung it up! Thomas got mad at me when I told him that ish was played now he don't even rock it....

feelin Peachy said...

haHA! truth! R.I.P Rocawear.
R.I.P Baby Phat.
R.I.P Phat Farm
R.I.P Sean John... fuck it, R.I.P any rapper inspired clothing line that has no nerve to set it's own trend!

btw, thanks for the comments you've left btw, they're appreciated in the deepest way possible. paz.

Andre said...

He really was about to fight you for downin' his precious Rocawear, I mos def remember that... and I do remember that jacker
If I see a girl rockin Baby Phat I'm gonna stab that cat right in the head LoL, I just hope wayne doesn't drop UU. But I mos def relate to what you write for reals, so yeah...

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