Pusha T

I'm hella late puttin this up but Pusha T was in the club and that dude was fuuucked up... he was on the mic saying " I told y'all niggas in 97 I was gonna put money on the building and let it fall to the ground!" he's was gonna talk till the sun came up about how in 97 the baddest bitch in the game was Robin Givens, "what y'all know bout Robin Givens!"If you didn't know Pusha T is 1/2 of the Clipse and 1/4 of the Re-Up Gang, the dude is from Virginia and can rap his ass off. So me and my dog Lloyd are outside and I'm talking to this one chick and she's I gotta go take my number and as I grab my sidekick, Pusha T walks past and when I say this chick got groupieish, she got groupieish, "PUSHA T!!!" she ran up on the dude and for a split second I had some hate in my blood at my dude Pusha T, but I just said fuck it. So were still outside the club just talking and whatnot then I see some commotion and all I see is like a cartoon whirlwind of fists and feet and this dude getting his ass slid. I mean the bouncers put that dude to sleep for reals. And to add insult to injury as dude was goin down they tased his ass too... all I could think of was "Don't tase me bro!"
So I wake up the next morning and my phone is ringing,
"hey where you at?"
"I'm in Norfolk."
That was the dude I work for and the time was like 6:45 I was 'sposed to be there 45 minutes ago and it's about 20 minutes away from the crib....

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