Afram Fest Day 1

The afram festival was real cool... my homegirl had told me it was either this weekend or next month so lucky for me I asked somebody who knew somethin about somethin and found out what was up... Anyway the African American festival is supposedly like a celebration of the black culture through events sponsered by different black owned business' and whatnot. But in my experiences in Atlanta and in Virginia, the Afram fest is nothin but a place to go to fresh as hell and get on girls, and the dudes who can't get girls, they just come to start fights and shit... But I went and like a dummy bought a one day bracelet for $10 instead of the weekend for $20, because a puerto rican chick wants to go see Kiesha Cole when she supposedly comes on Monday... but me and my dog Lloyd were in there just chillin, walkin around and meting girls or whatever, and even though I wasn't on it like I should've been I still had a good time.. So at about 6 my dog "Bapman" calls me and is like he's on his way, so after playin phone tag we meet up and this dude is drunk as a dog... hollerin at ANY girl. So we meet up with my other partners he came with "squeek" and "dig" and we just straight clown... Ray J performed some cat in the hat, fake ass "The Dream" type song called "hips" or "lips" then One Chance came out and I fuck with there song "Look at her" with Fabo and they were bout scraight.. Then while Lloyd was performing we were walkin the outskirts tryna find a food place, when all I see is like a mob of people running towards our direction and this skinny half-cast chick just falls and scrapes the shit out of her knees, and the mob is still just stampeding past us, I don't hear shots but still I'm ready to move... I ask this girl what was going on and she was like "I don't know I saw everybody runnin' so I started runnin' too!" LOL

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arychtexas said...

hahahaha broski! Man bap lookin like Croc Don Dee

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