After saying my Buellers were my last pick up for awhile, I see these. Now I've been on my Dunk SB thing for quite some time now and have not really been paying attention to Dunks, as they aren't exclusive and the colors really don't grab my attention. But these are freakin sweet I have to say... I shall own these... I never caught the movie thought But I guess it might see a resurgence in popularity due to hypebeasts and sneakerheads alike. On a kinda related note, I did see Rad when I was in like.... 4th grade but I didn't see the end of it because I got in trouble for doing something, and lost my movie watching privaleges. I believe it's Rad that started my infatuation with BMXing...

UPDATE @ 16:37
I just called Sole Brother and asked about the Thrashins and they do drop tommoorw, but I'm torn between the Dunks which I love and these Reebok's which I think are super fetch... Most likely I'll choose the dunks, but I kinda wanted to chill out on buying shoes and stuff because I mean when is enough ever gonna be enough... When...

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