A "Crown" affair

So since Crown Royal and Jack Daniels sponsored my night, I'm officially swearing off whiskey!

To have went out last night and thrashed my body, I feel pretty damn good considering... I went to pick up Smitty at about like 9:30 and he told me tht another dude said we could ride with him, so to me thats an excuse to get extra faded, so we ride there and I'm kinda lookin at the clock cause like after 11 the line gets stupid long and I've experianced that shit firsthand... So said so done, we get there and the line is stupid, so we pay the extra to just walk in and it was pretty straight in there.. I mean the DJ wasn't really comin' with it but I had a good time... in there I met this one chick that was like " You know it's not sunny in here right?" and I told her " Glasses don't just block UV rays they block hater rays from all the haters that wanna steal your soul!" smooth right? so she tells me how she's a "old school" type girl and really isn't feeling the club too much, so I really look at her and she can't be more than like 23-24, so I'm like how "old school" can you really be when you're like 23 at the oldest? She was like I was born in '85 so I can appreciate it you know? I told her I can dig it, she told me she went to HU and all this she seemed hella chill... oh yeah and Smitty pulled that same bullshit again too, takin' dances and it's funny because it's what he's known for doing, so I can't be too mad cause its like his thing..
I also ran into a girl Keeda whom I "talked" about before, I never knew her name untill I had my roomate answer my phone, tell her I wasn't home and ask who's calling... and she tried to charge me up about not callin her or whatever, and I told her " it works both ways but you're looking really good in her dress right about now." So we danced and she was like what am I doing after this? I told her I didn't drive my car and I know she doesn't drive so quite honestly I wasn't lursty enough to really wanna mess with her.. Because she looks good and all but has NOTHING going for herself and I can't really condone that.
So on our exit I'm ridin in the back and my head is spinnin, so I tell my bro to roll my window down a lil'. The drivers like "you aint gonna earl is you?" hell nah I say but my mouth is watery as fuck, so we get to my car and stop and I hear behind us through a loudspeaker " you don't have all day move it" and it's a cop. So as I stumble to my car the cop pulls up on me and is like " I hope you're not gonna drive that thing?" I say " No star, I'm just gonna get in the backseat and crash!" right after he left I earled and got in the backseat opened my door and earled again and went to a semi comfortable sleep...

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