There's nothing worse than talking to a person with a devoid sense of fashion...a robot, who when buying shoes might see something they think is cool, but get white 1's just to be safe. When they dress they think they're thinking out the box, but you have to know whats in the box is to think outside of it!

I say that because a certain person, well a few people used to always come up to me with thier newest purchases and be like "yeah this is what I picked up what do you think?" In this situation I could keep it real and be like " Unless your name is Bret Micheals, get all them damn skulls and roses off that damn t-shirt!" Or "Damn they still make Lugz?.... you mean those are Timbs... You sure?" Now that would be keeping it real... But instead I use tact and still keep it real. "I wouldn't wear it" or "I see what you're going for..." or my favorite "You've got some real hot ideas!"

I mean I actually swore off going to a mall (Military Circle) that's like 6 minutes away, after going in there and seeing nothing but "Ed-Hardyish" knockoff shit,Coogi, Rocawear and LRG... Every dude in the mall wants to look like Wayne/Juelz and every girl thinks Day-Glo colours make them 43% hotter! Plus the armrests in the movies don't lift up and thats so uncivilized...

I mean it's only a matter of time before them young boys start rockin' these... LMAO


K. Denise said...

What. The fuck. Is that?! Seriously. On another note, I like the robots.

arychtexas said...

lol....man got damn lol...them pants had me crying they look like some shit you know who would rock! (KIETH) hahahahaha!!!!!!!

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

wow, so true though.
playing it safe is not the way to go, way too blehk.
those pants.
oh god.
where on gods green earth did u fidn them?!
by the way, about the shoes, karmaloop doesnt have my size, as i suspected :(

Andre said...

Me too, If it wasn't for robots there'd be now individuals

I could mos def. See him wearin that hoody with the kittens and shit on it, with a stupid look on his face. And you know he came in and told Griff the place was trashed, I should just steal off on him the next time I see him.

@Da 0ne
Playing it safe does suck big ones.. And I hate that I find myself doing it with certain things...

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

i found the white ones and some croc and black ones on pickyourshoes.com in my size :)
i dont take risks with my moms. thats a no-no. everything else, im like, whatever.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

those pants are bizzare...i like bizzare, theyre not for everybody. Only a small percentage of people can get away with rockin' them. While others will just look down right stupid in them. And I am probably one of those people who will look downright stupid in them lol

Anonymous said...

I would laugh...if only I couldn't really SEE, the kids I go go to school with everyday, trying to wear them sh*ts, past the ass. -.-

Andre said...

Nobody wants to really just do them you know, so of course if dude A sees girls jockin dude B, and dude B happens to be wearing "the pants". What do you think dude A is gonna be chomping at the bit to buy?

BTW I think the percentage of people who can get away with "the pants" hovers around like .9, other than that, the rest will be on Style 911!

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