Teacher beating student ass!!!

Man kids these days boy I swear... I really didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up for most of my life... But right before I started going to college I decided on being a history teacher, 1.Because I'm good at teaching people shit and 2. Because history never changes..lol Anyway after seeing this shit, as you y'all are my witness, I'd fuck a kid up!!! I remember I was at Columbia high school in Decatur for summer school and this was about the summer before 11th grade. Anyway this dude I think his name was like Javaris or something was listening to a cd player in class and the teacher took it from him and told him to "He might get it back after class!" and the dude's friend was laughing at him and sayin the teacher tried his ass up.. So javaris stands up, gets in teacher's face and tells him to give him his fucking cd player back and mushed the shit outta the teacher. I was just like damn, then the SRO the size of green mile came and snatched his young ass up.. But seeing this video I would've been crying in that classroom...

Check it out here
Teacher and student fight!

The teacher, listed as Carolyn Jones, said she overheard the student saying she was going to pull Jones’ wig off. The 53-year-old said she took the wig off herself and told the student that she would have to.....


THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

oh my god.
that video had me DYiNG.

Pretty.Hip said...

This is just a mess!

Anonymous said...

Figures, YouTube would take it down.

it's nothing but lack of discipline, from the parents part. That, and the fear adults have to kids, today. Sh*t needs to be reversed.

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