The night before

I left my apartment at about 2:45 cause the airport is like 5 minutes away or whatever so I go to auto check in and it's like you're too late to check in you gotta get the next flight at like 5:45... fluck all that so I talked to the kiosk lady and everything was irie... so I board and sit next to a drummer who seemed pretty cool, he saw I was reading "I hope they serve beer in hell" by Tucker Max (one of the major influences behind my blog because even though my shenanigans aren't nearly as drunken as his, they still are pretty fluckin sweet). So I touch down and almost break my sidekick tryna talk to the fuckin' cab dispatch lady "I'm sorry sir there must be a bad connection." BITCH I'VE GOT FULL BARS AND T-MOBILE, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD CONNECTION! Is what I wanted to yell to her, I mean my last name is four letter, granted it's not a common American name like Smith or whatever but damn...
So I cab it to the hotel which is actually in North Virginia, and it's a real nice Marriott out in the sticks. So I go up to my room which is on the 14th (13th) floor and it is plushed out for reals, I mean I stayed at the Swisotel in Atlanta before and this place is shittin on that. I mean there's a balcony if I'm feelin suicidal with a great view of trees and more trees..jacuzzi tub, a 30" flat screen, super high thread egyptian cotton and down comforters. Since I've been in Va, before I had a place, when it came to hooking up, my choices were either A. Get a hotel room B. Backseat action, even though it is proven to be bad luck to your car. C. Go to a slaughterhouse, and use a friends bed like it's yours. Or the rare D. Go back to her place. So going from the always classy $55 a night Navy Lodge or HoJo to this is a welcome change.
I'm kicking myself for reals though, because I just made a succesful purchase of a network adaptor for my X-Box off craigslist, I wanted to geek out on X Box live with my down time during the night. So I called before I left and asked about wireless internet, and the front desk was like ''No, we just have wired." So I get here and I see blatently. Wifi.... so now I'm bored out of my mind, thankfully I've got like a $50 dollar room credit on the Marrow Center so I'm gonna go down to the bar, drink Mojitos and walk around in my robe.

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