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Last nights club scene was crazy for reals, I mean I went there with my dog lloyd but ended up chillin' mostly with my homegirl, a friend of my roomates, who I think is sexy, suprisingly witty and cooler than a box fan in the summertime. She was in there chillin and I txted her and she was like I'm in here or whatever. So I see her and damn .. She had her toes out and a lil skirt, with a belt type thing... crushin.
Niggas are haters for reals, this one dude who I've seen at the club before who hands out fliers and shit and since he always sees me with freaky dunks on, he's like " Yo you need to come to my store son!" so I was like "Oh yeah..." thats like my official answer to duck ass dudes and duck ass girls when they just say things just to be talkin'. The dudes like "you see my kicks, come through I got you!" so I say again "Oh yeah.. That's what's up" So I look at dudes shoes and he's got some "Fradas" these orange fake ass Prada boots and I just keep it movin. Anyway me and JP are dancin' or whatever and dude gets to tryn grab on her and whatever and even though she's not my girl-girl, she's my friend who I'm really feelin'. A blind man could've clearly seen she didn't wanna fuck with dude whatsoever, so dude talkin to her but muggin me was like "damn when he gonna stop cuffin' you?" So my boy Lloyd suprised the shit outta me and told that same Fake prada boot wearin' dude to chill out. I asked him what he said to the dude the next day he said he told the dude " he got it dog, don't even worry bout it!"

So I'm on like 2 strong islands
and like half a bottle of rum and I'm just clownin' with JP and she's pretty tipsy her damn self. So were dancin' face to face and she like puts her hand on my chin and kinda pulls me in. So I'm thinkin' to myself like WTF she wants to kiss me in this club!?!? Normally I don't condone kissing in the club because when I see people doing it I'm like "fucks wrong with them?" but I damn sure have done it before and I'm a huge hypocrite too! LOL. So I'm like fuck it and just I give her like 40% and she goes the 60% percent with her toungue and we're kissing more then.
And everytime she would stop kissin me she would ask me "where's the jazzy girl" and I told her " she's got endometriosis!" and she asked me that like 3 or 4 times. And she told me " I don't wanna end up on your list!" and I was like like list? She said yeah with the "jazzy girl and all that" so I'm guessing she's part of my "readership"
And I told her like "I don't know what to say to that cause you know I'm feelin' you or whatever so yeah..."
So we danced and she was like I gotta use the bathroom so I told her I'd be on the floor. So when she left I pulled out my kick and wrote this.

"I know it was the liqour and the moment but there is some makeage out going on, I wanna be like austin powers with elizabeth hurley and resist her.. But I may have the swag and the mojo but I'm no Austin for reals...
I made a decision and now I have to live with it...I should've been stronger but when you cook it and boil it down, I'm a lursty ass dude, but I'm gonna chill cause I know it's not what I think it is even though I think I kno what it is"

So my dog was like I've got time to make up for, because I chilled with Jaguar Paw. And he was like give it up bro she only likes you in the club... so we just enjoyed the rest of the night and watched the after club hiliarities that ensued.

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