Lackluster Friday

Have you ever been chillin with someone and there is like a point were you're like I'm not fuckin with this person at all.. And you keep it cool with the person and shit, laugh and joke with 'em, but in your head your like fuck this person or whatever. That's what's going on right now... I'm with this chick and tryna forget about the Jazzy girl but I'm like it's 1:25 and I'm here with her and her two pothead loser friends and I'm like what am I really doing here? I mean I'm better than this.. If a chick is a reflection of me, then I don't wanna look in the mirror at all. Tonight we went and saw "What happens in Vegas" which is two thumbs down all the way. and ended up chillin with her girls in her room.
I came to this conclusion when she came at me sideways about pickin' some dude up. So she could smoke a L and we could just chill together. So normally I wouldn't have a problem with that but how she went about it really kinda had me hot. I remember sayin' something about a scary answer she told me, and never was that answer more apparant than tonight.
I'm gonna say fuck it man I wanna get with the Jazzy girl, fuck this chick here. But the ball is in her court now I refuse to make a fool out of myself as much as I'd like to talk to her. The best thing about the night was that her girl had some De La Soul dunks and they look even sicker in person. I mean she knew what they were and all about dunks and shit. I was suprised, very suprised.

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