Clear care contact solution

As big a part as contacts played in raising my self esteem.. They seriously have their disadvantages. I mean me, I've got a an astigmatism and they don't make contacts you can sleep in yet, so I either have to sleep in them and wake up with
A. Junk and goo in my eyes or
B. My contacts up in my eyeballs...
but this solution is the hotness and one of the many things I'd sponsor.. So far the list of shit I'd sponsor is Arizona Green Tea, I drink that shit by the gallon and it's only 99 cents for those tall cans... Tropical Smoothie because it's just great... and Nike Dunks because they're not just shoes.. They're a lifestyle. What lifestyle that is I don't know... but yeah this contact solution is pretty sweet you put your contacts in this little case and dunk them in the solution and they start to bubble and shit, and six hours later your contacts are clean as a whistle.. The only bad thing is if you try to put them in before 6 hours, they burn like a mufucka...

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Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

how do you know if u have astigmatism? I wear contacts because I'm lost without them literally.. im kinda ashamed of saying this but my dumb ass is lazy when it comes to putting in and taking contacts out, I just pour the solution in my eye. It could be damaging but, idk.

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