Glow in the Dark Tour!!!

First off pics kinda suck, well really suck they're from my SK LX, I'll put up the best of the worst video I got in there tommorows.
I'm mad that lupe went first, when I first got here I saw some dude in
red and for a second I thought it was yay tita, and then I was like "why
would he be performing now when he's headlining?" but I heard 'Little
weapon" and I was like LUPE! It was kinda short and the weather was at
it's worst for reals, the rain was coming down and blowing into the
amphitheater at an angle and shit, but Lupe blazed right through his set
and he ran out into the crowd during Kick Push and I don't mean into the
standing area, that dude ran allll the way back to the cheap seats...
During the intermission I was tryna get my homeboy who had better seats
in the 101 section to pass back a ticket from another friend of mines,
but he was actin' like a biznitch.I went up to this one chick who was
like guarding the section to the 100's and I was like " if I shot you
$20, would you let me through?" and I knew shed be down with it cause of
all the other people checking tickets, she looked the most
corruptable... So said so done, she was like "of course but you wouldn't
get far, once it filled up you be bouncing from seat to seat and you'd
be right back here!"But the bullshit is I ordered my ticket back in like
March and my dumb ass was thinkin it wa sold out already and when I kept
searching ticketmaster all it gave me was 202 section tickets. So I was
kinda in the nosebleeds but that didn't stop my enjoyment whatsoever.

N*E*R*D was off the yazabah... Chilly Willy aka Pharrell was there in
all his splendor, and even though the new shit was more DC ish, with the
more Go-Go sounds as in live instruments and shit, it was jammin'!
During the sound check I heard some of the bass hits for "Beeper" a song
by Fam-Lay, so I wasn't really suprised when he came out and did his
thing. What did suprise me though was how Fam forgot the second verse
and most of the first though, I mean dude was on stage just bobbin' his
head like it wasn't his song and shit, but Pharrell kinda tried to
intervene by putting extra Umph in the chorus. Chris Brown came out for
"everyone nose" and was dancing and shit with Pharrell. The crazy shit
was when they played "she wants to move" he brought these chicks from
the front row on stage and had them dancing and shit, and one girl as
soon as she got up there IMMEDIATELY started grinding on Pharrell, and
this other chick pushed her off him and took her place.. Too funny!

After N*E*R*D the intermission until Rhianna came out I kinda was like I
don't wanna see this girl, she better do "Umbrella" and beat it you
know, I even texted my boy that and he was like she's gonna put it down
just watch. She came out and did some of her old shit like "pon de
replay" and she was even singing "doo wop (that thing) but what really
killed me was M.I.A.'s song "paper planes" the one that goes " I just
wanna bang bang bang bang and take ya money" I'm fuckin with that song a
lot. And as far as like visuals she had these dancers with these like
lightsaber glow sticks dancing and she was windin' her waist, and
gettin' down, baby girl can move for reals. She ended with her biggest
hit "umbrella" and it was crazy because there was a tornado warning and
it was raining and windy earlier so a lot of people had umbrellas and a
shit ton of them went up for this song. I honestly didn't even really
care for the song when it was big but I guess because of the atmosphere
I'm kinda feeling it now.

Hella people are jockin on my glow in the dark dunks... and by hella I
mean like 5 people and they were like"OMG those glow in the dark!" and "
excuse me do those really light up?" "you're shoes are hot" "look girl"
hahaha I wish they held more of a glow charge, cause like say if I was
in a super bright room and then went out into total darkness I'd be
glowin like a mutha fucka, so now while I'm waitin for Yay to come out
I'm lettin' em charge...
Oh yeah while I was waitin' for them to charge and surfin on my kick,
some girl behind me was like "there's a spider on you!" and I'm
arachnaphobic like a muhfucka so I nutted up real fast, and threw the
spider on some dude. And this chick next to me is pretty cool, she's got
on a "In living color" outfit with leopard pants on but she's cute and
she's got a sidekick 3, so I'm stylin on her with my LX.

Then it happened, the lights went out and all you see is a screen with
stars like a nose camera on the Enterprise, and Kanye's talkin about
traveling on a journey for a long time and then he crashed onto planet earth and his spaceship "Jane" couldn't get power... I mean the stage was just him on like a laptop with no keys and behind the laptop screen, there was this huge panoramic screen. No background dancers, no hype men, just Yay, the stage and the music. Throughout his whole set he worked his songs into a storyline of such with each song having a place. Like when he crash-landed to earth, his spaceship "Jane" told him "this isn't your first crash and he went into "through the wire" and when he was like I've been traveling so long, I need some Pussy! The computer was like I could help you out with that and the background had a chick in gold with a body like amazing grace dancing and whatnot. I've been to a few concerts (MSI, Lloyd Banks, Korn) and this was by far the best music experience I've ever been to, Kanye is a fucking entertainer. My only regret was riding with the same guy who ruined my Thursday night by dawdling playing pool when he knew damn well the line was gonna be stupid long. Once again, he is to blame. People can tell when a concert is coming to a close, so around that time he txted me "were gonna dip out as soon as this is over" So Kanye's on stage and the lights are off but I know there's gonna be an encore. So at that time he txts me a again, "I'm leaving now" so I'm like damn! So as I turn to leave he does "touch the sky", Lupe comes out, and I'm walking away like FUCK!
So I make a wrong turn and BAM I'm like a stones throw from the stage, and I'm expecting security to "escort" me out but no, I'm in there. So I'm like 12 feet away from the stage and Yay's talking about how "there would've been more props and a robot was supposed to come down from the ceiling, but cause of the tornado watch it was a no go.

I almost forgot I stopped on the way to the concert at a Dollar tree to buy some batteries; I had a choice of Michael Jordan batteries (Rayovac) or Panasonics. So I went with Panasonic, so while I was close as hell to the stage I pulled out my camera and started to take some pictures when that shit died on me. I had taken like 30+ minutes of shaky, Blair witch style video with the Energizers that were in my camera for a hella long time, and I take about three pictures and these bitches die on me... I've got a big fuck you to Panasonic and I'm adding them with KFC of my list of things to boycott.

So I run back as my boy is blowing up my already dying Sidekick and I get this book called "Thank you and you're welcome" It's like a small spiral book of Personal mantras by Kanye West. My favorite one so far is "Believe in your flyness to conquer your shyness" How true.
I get back home and my boy who's not just a Pharrell fan, he's a fanatic called me. I cussed him out for not being there and he asked to speak to my roommate. Now from my room I hear my roommate like "Why didn't I go? I read bad reviews on the internet!" What a fucking tool, is what I really wanted to say.


The Jaded NYer said...

A few of the blogs I've read today had concert reviews- all good things- so I don't know where ya boy got his info about the tour being bad.

oh well, his loss!!

and nice kicks on your masthead :)

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nice Kicks Peoples. I fux with that Bitch M.I.A. also, that Paper Planes shit is a banger.

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