Chatty Cathy

- I'll be right back y'all, my other table asked for take out cartons and I just plum forgot like 4 times!!!

- y'all know we've got like every game playing on tv right now, I love the redskins!

- what time is is y'all? ten a clock already *woot* I get out of here in a hour, well not get outta here I gotta wrap silverware, fill the salt and pepper. Did y'all know that pepper has to be on the right, because if a blind person came in they would expect the salt to be on the right!

Jaguar Paw's homegirl tells her that happy hour starts at 10 at fridays, even though my better judgement told me that no happy hour starts at 10pm, I went with JP anyways because I just enjoy her company. Anyways we go to Friday's and get seated and the most annoying waitress in the world serves us...

Lina said...

"otherwise I'd probably have a turrets moment and blurt out, "Shutthefuckup!!" and it would be all fast and shit, with a head spasm on the side."

I came close...so very close.


Kandi Black said...

now my first mind woulda told me hit one of these numbers:

*slams fork on table* bitch cut all that small talk short and bring me my fuckin food RIGHT NOW!

but u cant talk like to ppl who serve ya food...u dont kno what they mite do to it on the way to the table.

(think Celie spitting in Mister Sr. glass in the Color Purple and yeah i kno she aint a waitress, but its the same thing)

arychtexas said...

U know katie she would've flipped out I would've egged her on. But if I was hungry she might of got a little snap back

Han said...

Hahaha the waiter from office space right? he was SO ANNOYING lol.
yea.. um.. i thought happy hour started at 4-5ish... Hmm.

PhlyyGirl said...

OHhhhh my god. Swear I had a waiter like that this weekend.
Like what the fuck?! You can't do your job and not talk to me?! I'm not here to hear about your life, I'm here to fucking eat.

I didn't say anything though. But when the bill came, I think my bestest wrote that she needs to work on knowing when to but out of peoples convo's as her tip...

Andre said...

I shoulda said it but we didn;t even eat or drink, we sat there
lookin at the menu and I wasn't even that hungry and since it was a school night there was no way I was getting winehoused. So we just had more good convo and uninterupted eye contact!

Yeah they woulda hooked your food up real nice for that lil outburst! and as much as I listen to that soundtrack I've never seen the movie!

that doesn't sound like the katie I know!

"can I interest you guys in some pizza shooters or extremem fajitas!"
I thought so to but you know how that goes...


your bestest is a trip... and y'all know y'all can never go back that place again!

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