Even though I tell half truths....

1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back

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Courtesy of Lina, when I finally weened myself off of "next blog searching" I wanted to read people who were talkin about shit I could relate to... gettin' winehoused, quenching lurst and dealing with the opposite sex's bullshit...and she was mos def kicking shit that had me sayin' "okay".

I wonder if her and her prom date still talk though, he seems like a nice enough fellow....lol

Arych my bro who just had his baby! *yay* so congratulations to him and his family on their newest addition! Let's hope she's like her big sis and gets her looks from momsy! Maybe she will be cooler than their cat but somehow I doubt it...that cat is just beast and stole my attention from their daughter! LOL

Zay the great- a new (to me) cat who's on some real shit I can relate too for reals... Dealing's with these women, dude's without the clothes being swagless, and reading minds...

Just Brad- I first came across this cat on his eurotrip, and I was just like this dude is doing exactly what I wanna do..he's back in MMPLS and havin' way more fun.. or so it seems. Dude's real nasty on the "peter parker" and makes me wanna throw out my piece of shit sony and get a proper camera...plus child predator glasses = hip as shit!

Kandi Black - porn star, self proclaimed body rocker and all up in the Tenn. drankin like a drunkard! But I first came across her goin through that same old BS and I was like damn I never saw shit like that you know.. From blazin with her cuz to dreamin about clickin the mouse... I flucks with it.

Skinny ass Genes - Graf is what caught my eye...well nah I'm lying.. she used to have these crazy ass leggin's as a header and it was pretty swheat... she dates/ is engaged to a "navy seal" and flips out on dudes for wettin her up at the pool and makes amy winehouse tributes!

Now lets get honest and vulnerable....

- A lot of times during sex my mind will be a million miles away thinking about things like...

"what if T.I. sold light bulbs in the trap?"


"how cool it would be to drive and shoot out the window grand theft style."

"I wish that there was a mirror so I could do the patrick bateman point
*does the patrick bateman point mid coitus*

- Speaking of sex, I like the idea of getting a blow j. more than the act itself, I could take it or leave it honestly. Probably because most girls I mess with see it ass like a prerequisite, a chore to be done for the reward... that's why with a lot of girls I'll fake it...
*ahhh, ooowww, damn girl, or sweet sassa massa*
because who doesn't like motivation?
So unless the girl is just a pro or just naturally has giveheaditis then I'll just have a stupid look on my face while my toes curl up like cheez puffs...

- I've said before I wish I could tell girls to cut the bullshit, if you like me then let me know... but me my damn self is scared to just tell a girl scraight up how I feel , and it just leads to very awkward situations especially with people I have to see at work. But since I wanna get vulnerable before my triumphant return to the college girls and skip skop skallywops at the club, I'm gonna see where I stand.

-Girls will fake a nut for a relationship, guys will fake a relationship for a nut... Very true, I used to be all about telling girls what they wanna hear... To this day puerto rican chick still thinks I got out the navy and I'm boomin' sellin drugs cause she asked what I did and I said "get money..."

- "ill be there in 5 minutes, 5 hours later I be there in 5 minutes..."
I hate hate hate to wait on people but me myself always want people to chillax when I'm late for something...
"ill be late for that..."
on that note I wait till the last minute to do everything, and make up these crazy ass schedules that are so unrealistic, that I always end up running late as fuck.

More vulnerability to come...


PhlyyGirl said...

LMAO@ "I'll be there in five minutes"...
Sooooo thats the theme song for me and my best friend no bull.
Someone made me mad as hell last month cause they asked me to be somewhere, only they gave me a starting time of an hour earlier than it was. I showed up on time and was PE-ISSED as shit!!
LOL That's what I get for people knowing me so well though.

I think I'm gonna be honest at work tomorrow though. I don't know how much I reallllly want ya'll to know though *shifty eyes*
And also, mine will probably be like yours and include lots of gratutitous sexy things. Hmmmmmm..... sex. *drools*

Video Vix[o]n said...

man, that's one of my favorit kanye lines, but too true.

"Girls will fake a nut for a relationship, guys will fake a relationship for a nut"
-funny. i thought i was fly shit, until i realized that most girls i knew have heard it all already, so i just speak the truth.

honesty blogs? i mett some ppl with some honest ones, but i'll probably have to make my own list.

The Black Russian said...

this honesty blog is good... yes the nut issue is so true ....sometimes in blogs u can be honest but in real life it gets tricky... i guess blogs give a type of anonymity that life doesn't

Eb the Celeb said...

those prom pics that float the net always have me cracking up... I bet if I went threw the scrapbook I could find some at my own prom that are worthy of being put on blast...lol

queenbee said...

Girls will fake a nut for a relationship, guys will fake a relationship for a nut"

i love that...thats the damn truth tho...

as for giving head, i only do it when I want to so i don't have ass it(give headitis)lol..that might be a lil tmi but ah well :)

Jaded said...

no comment just lot's of laughter.

A.M. said...

damn i haven't been on ur blog in a while...sowey..school is a bitch but look at u winnin' awards and stuff...woop woop...see ya around my way- also known as my blog ;)

Andre said...


I caint wait...lets see what juice you got... and I'm just resigned to the fact that I'm a late inconsiderate mufucka sometimes,

@video vix
Me too, but I guess that's what I get for qouting a txt message.

@black ruskie
Yeah, I guess, just like saying all sorts of shit to a girl on the phone, but when you're face to face...
*hush mouth*

@eb da celeb
Them hoes be lookin' a mess for reals...They keep a smile on my face!

nah not TMI at all... I mean I feel like unless you really know what you're doing it's not something you should just be doing just to do...I mean if you don't like it, don't do it. plain and simple.

Do i amuse you?

Shit girl,fuck it you were in vegas! what kinda nigga would you be if you were in sin city reading blogs? I would frown heavily upon that! and fa sho...

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