Don't worry it happens to every guy.

Being on the other side of town caught me at the mall and while I was in there I ran into a girl tarsha I dated in early 2006, that was one of the many things she said about my "problem". Few people who know me know that 2006 was a tumultuous year for me and that tumultu-ocity manifested itself into two things.

1. PE

2. ED

For any man that’s some heavy shit to deal with but for a 21 year old in the so called best years of my life. That shit was like a dagger in my heart and soul! I turned to my homies, but them punk ass tricks made it worse. I turned to my homegirls and they made it even more worser! Just seeing her brought back all those terrible memories, if I was a weaker person I would of ran out of that mall stark raving mad! But we had a convo that wasn’t awkward as I thought it would be.

I have officially sworn off going to the malls for clothes shopping purposes. Well I take that back because I still fluck with ae and express, but as far as urban wear is concerned I’m done. Who even wears urban wear / ed hardy anymore?

My point exactly...

I remember going to the mall before and being disgusted, I thought I would go in yesterday and it would change. How wrong was I…? Everything is still bright colours and skulls and empty quotations. Pretty soon it’s gonna be nothing but gently used clothing for me!


karrie b. said...

lmao. i love the mess that you post about lately.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...


yeah Urban Wear died years ago and it pains me to see some of these dudes here trying to ressurect it.

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

yea urban wear sucks...ed hardy ewweth!

Stew said...

i gotta laugh at "gently used". dont know why that is funny to me.

PhlyyGirl said...

Lol. What if it doesn't happen to ALL guys???
But at least you didn't running screaming like a lil beyotch! That counts for way more.

And fashion is mostly subjective, but you know it takes the masses three years to catch up.

A.M. said...

yea i agree. Malls suck. I've been looking for dresses for vegas and have had to order them all online...

Zay The Gr3at said...

the shoes are hot, n yea i dont like Ed Hardy Eitha

Andre said...

see the size of that "gal's" hands WTF

you are sofa king right about that..Our(my) moms was right, I'm gonna look back and see how silly it looks.

Heir today, gone tommorow...

It's all about gently used clothing bro, and gently is the only way to treat clothes!

@ms.2 phlyy

Thats what I'm scared of! I mean there is nothing worse than being right there, and having your body disobey you. 3 years huh... I can't wait for 2K011!

But online stores are so...emotionless, I wanna touch and feel and try on! But the anticipation/ actual reciept of online purchases does feel reeeeal good!

@zay tiggy
Sign the petition! I mean it's a trend, When I told people that shit wouldn't last the summer they thought I was crazy!

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