My name is andre and I approve this post

I was sittin down enjoying the delicious subs and other treats to eat, when this white guy comes up and is smiling a winning smile and is like...my name is Scott Taylor... Ok. He then tells me he's running for mayor of Va Beach,and "he drinks beer just like me"

All in all the show was hella chill. Afterwards I went to a house party my boy Rafi told me about. Now when I think house party, I remember darkened basements, or houses, dick harder than termite teeth "dancing" on chicks and getting cheap feels, loud music and weed. I walk in this one and none of that is there..these mufuckas had music coming out of a little cheap ass portable cd player. But Rafi did have some chicks come over there, and after one of em got smutted out, she tried to come over to my boy for a hug and he told her
you're still here?!?! peace out and pardon his back
she called herself gettin mad and was like...
"fuck you, your dick is small and your toungue is wack! Your man got a bigger dick than you anyway!"


But I did come up on her friend and I got in a car accident too!

*deep inhale* He even smelled mayorish!

Yeah the chick is supposedly doin rails.


Lina said...

LMAO at "He even smelled mayorish" Andre....you never cease to humor me.

PhlyyGirl said...

He even has Mayor hair!!
And best of all, he drinks beer......just like you!
Don't you want a mayor who realllllly understands your hangover issues?
Looks like your weekend was wayyyy better than mine. Good shit

Andre said...


I mean dude had the lok, but now I actually checked dudes crendetials, he was just a navy seal... I don't mean just a navy seal as tryna downplay him. But does that make him qualified.

His hair is greeeaaat! I mean he must pay his stylist a nice lil' bit. My weekend was meh at best.

Demiera said...

dick harder than termite teeth

LMAO!! I've never heard that before...that's funny as hell!

Jaded said...

I 'ont know Andre...there is something shady bouta Mayor with a faux hawk...I can't quite put my finger on it tho.

lmao @ the girl who outed herself as a friend fucker.

thanks for the birthday wishes and pic comment.

here's the thing. I think you need to hit up your preggers pr friend and ask her what feliz navidad means...cause in my hood (lol) it's Merry Christmas. But thanks for that too.

ps. my aunt lives in VA beach...you know her?

Video Vix[o]n said...

lol @ his hair. it does look on some clark kent shit.

"dick harder than termite teeth..." classic.

don't you just hate when girls call out dudes like that? (never happened to me, but you know).

Andre said...

not just funny miss D...true as hell, I've never been called up on it but I know girls be knowing and feeling it, cause they put that little extra grind in it.

there is something shady bouta Mayor with a faux hawk
I cracked up when I read that shit for reals.. I didn't notice it was a faux faux... and abouyt feliz navidad, we'll just agree to disagree, plus she's not preggo-she apparently lost the baby in st.louis and didn't wanna talk about it!

and your aunt is my mom-it's me cousin Lucky! LOL

kmx. said...

LMAO! Scott, he looks a little deranged. Slightly crazy, or maybe it's just me. & Those pics are HAWT!

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

ROFL @ "He even smelled mayorish"

Those photos were ah-mazing.
thanks for thee post.

paix, Asia Dee

Stew said...

some of those pics are pretty nice. hard to get a good look in that light though

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