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I was watching tv with the girl I've had a crush on for the longest (and who's waiting room I'm currently sitting in) introducing her to the blogiverse and the tv is on mtv. I rarely watch tv and I damn sure don't watch mtv. But this show called exiled is on, apparently spoiled rich white kids from my sweet 16
get a change from their spoiled lifestyle and get their world turned upside down. So I see these parents talking to their daughter basically saying
"we're tired of you not having a job, bitch super 16 was four years ago blah blah blah...." Then they zoom in on the father saying...You're going to Africa!
*dun dun dun*
*cut to daughters shocked face*
"Where will I pee?"

What really grinded my gears was that they edited the shit with effects and sounds so it like the mufucka was actually saying

"You're going to HELL!!!"

I think these mtv corporate cocksuckers were sitting around and some company man said

"Picture this...Wildboyz meets My Super Sweet 16! minus the dangerous stunts"

They use the poorest countries for these vapid whores backdrop, for them to learn the value of a fucking dollar. Bitch you're the same mark ass bitch that had Ciara at your $200,000 party and threw a fit cause you rolled up in a acura!

Am I over reacting? Or is that really some bullshit?

On a heavier note, can you believe it's really been seven years?
Where were y'all when it happened?

I was in US History and somebody came in saying a helicopter hit the pentagon or some shit and nobody knew what was going on... I was torn apart and distraught until I turned to MTV and they were like "We got ja rule on the phone.. lets see what his Ja's thoughts are on this tragic event"
who gives a fuck what ja rule thinks, i dont wanna dance im scared to death!


The Black Russian said...

I agree with you just because they put these spoiled kids in a different country and make them see true struggle and hardship doesnt mean they'll change...They have to come home to there same environment they grew up in and they probably still live at home.. they have to change from with in... the parents should take all there money and make them live in a studio apt.. with a regular job and make them see what it is to survive on there own no trust fund no help nothing!!!!!! that's how it really is how are you going to pay rent other bills real life...I don't think those kids can appreciate the struggles people go threw...
I cant believe it was 7 yrs either I live in NYC by way of queens.. I was in Music class and they made an announcement saying a small plane hit the towers and you can use any phone in the school(in any office).. I found that odd... than you heard another plane hit... Than the rumors about what happened.. Then my 6th period teacher said she saw the towers fall.. our school had the skyline which faces the city.. It was crazy..Then parents started pulling kids out.. All the kids who had middle eastern names were announced and pulled first than so on and so forth it was crazy.. all the buses were free and people were shocked...

karrie b. said...

these disrespectful ass baby whores.

i fucks wit the show tho.


Stew said...

i was in Band, and someone said that a plane hit the twin towers. i go into a adjacent room and i am watching tv thinking its a movie or some shit and then i see the second plane hit the tower.

i did not know what the hell was going on

Zay The Gr3at said...

i feel u on that mtv exciled, thats beyond whack LOL @ groom me baby haha.

rip to those who lost their lives on 9/11

PhlyyGirl said...

That show has me ROLLIN!!!
I was like well damn. And the kids act like it's forever, when they're only gone for a week, then they pretned that they come home so changed and "enlightened"

Get thee fuck outta here!

I was in the 10th grade when it happened and I just remember not really understanding what was going on until the buildings fell and I couldn't reach my family in NY cause all the circuits were busy.

Andre said...

@black ruskie
Damn I couldn't imagine actually being there, but at least you had Ja rule to console the city! And a studio? Fuck that kick em, out give em $100 and a metrocard....
Well I guess that makes you wack LOL
Nobody did bro, they pulled a real fast one on us.. Fucking terrorist bastards.
Yeah that broad needs a dip or something, she looks like a wildebeast or a young bear!

They play that music and they reflect on what they've done. Then two weeks later they're doin oxycotton with their friends crackin up and laughin about that shit

R.I.P to all those lost...

Han said...

i am amazed that it has been 7 years. when i heard it on the radio all i thought was "damn! 7 years ALREADY??!?!?" i was definitely in 8th grade.

Today is Ethiopian New Year. But when the twin towers where knocked down, it was leap year (i assume in Ethiopia cos it sure as hell wasn't here) and new years was celebrated on 9-12-01. but yea.
another thing is... the first time i had visited the twin towers was only a few months before the tragedy.

arychtexas said...

I like the idea but I guess since "corperate america" potrays africa as this sick, poor, and barbaric place we despise when they emulate that! They should show the beautiful places.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

your not over reacting, those bhishes are indeed spoiled beyond reason.

I was telling my mother how I couldnt believe that 9/11 was seven years ago today in the car.

I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday because I actually work a shirt to school with the twin towers on it the day it happened and it was so coincidential.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...


Demiera said...

Why they gotta send the spoiled bitches to AFRICA?? Can't they banish them to Siberia or something? Let them go fuck with Happy Feet down in Antartica...THAT'LL teach them a lesson...

And I remember the day of 9/11, I didn't understand what was going on until I got home and was watching the news. Sounds like such a long time ago but it feels like it was yesterday...

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