There must be two sides!

I didn't get paid at all on the first! You know how it feels to look a your statement and see a "advance debt" deduction of $1600! It hurts to look at. I'm not flat broke by any means, I just hate having to "cut my coat to suit my cloth". Meaning things I would want to do or buy I can't because of a pay snafu.

But on the flip side, all is not lost, I will be caked up at approximately 12 am on the 12th.. With back pay and all that in effect.

Now it's no secret I'm a dating ass dude and domestic displacement is not at all conducive with serial dating, no way no how! Especially if the girl is 18-21 and still stays with her people or is in the navy living on a ship or barracks, she'd rather be anywhere but home. Even if funds were low but the kitchen was lookin robust, we could always try and get reservations for two at this progressive theme restaurant called "aprtment"

On the flip side, my dog Lloyd has opened his house to me, but the flip side to that is his house is a slaughterhouse! When I was domestically displaced before, I brought a girl over there and we were jumping up and down Lloyd knocks (I heard him trying the lock before) on the door talking about some "I need to get my shorts!" and as he walked out he said "Stop cuffin', it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none." So the girl was laying there 500 hot And all I was thinking is... "well...I'm still horny."
Assholeish yeah I know. But she deserves it for lying to me and being engaged to somebody on my ship who confronted me with violent intentions and tears in his eyes about her mark ass, so on second thought..fuck her anger! We should've tossed her up!

But the flip side to all of that is that I can use the money I save in rent and other shit to...

1. Save and pay myself
2. Pay off loans
3. Buy 1/3 carat Leo diamond® solitaire earring for my newly pierced ears.
4. Get a tattoo of a friendly Jesus and friendly devil on each shoulder one saying just do it and the other saying think about it!

But can I buy happiness, I'm depressed as fuck day to day, I'll say to myself..
"I wanna go somewhere"
Me: like where?
Me: where?

I'm mean is the extra money worth my happiness? I don't know but I'll find out.


Lina said...

I feel you on the indecisive nature of venturing out of the house to do something which leads to doing nothing...Dude, save that money, for real, you may need it....I feel like I should be mad about that cuffing situation with yo folk, but it was funny...what can I say??? :-)

Andre said...

So you think I was cuffin the goodies too! I hate going out to do nothing, but at the same time I hate feeling like I'm missing out on something...

Anonymous said...

Can I have a cut of that.....lol

nice blog, first time here..how r u

arychtexas said...

lol...llloyd is a dirt diggler...i always tryna put his penis in somethin...and thomas told me how you said i was worng about that arguement at the barbershop! I WAS RIGHT!

Han said...

UM... Save it. Spend when u get the deposit :).
But er wow at the story lol. Home was just trying scope it out cos he couldn't none lmaoooooo!

Stew said...

that extra money will make you happy. people say money does not bring happiness, when you millions that may be true, but when you are a regular person, money can make you happy as shit

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