I think, therefore eye fuck

Sitting under a patio chair umbrella in the scorching sun of oconee, tennessee with Jen Bear and Joel waiting for the rafting trip to start, we sit sunglasses-less because apparently people have lost their shades from the intense rapids and they aren't recommended to be worn without these gay ass rubber straps. I damn sure didn't wanna lose my prada's to the river so we all begrudgingly left them in the car. The car is like a 3 minute walk away under a fucking heating lamp. So after sitting there for about 5 minutes, with various people begging to be criticized Jen Bear said to me...

It's really hard to people watch without sunglasses on.

Me : I know right! I'm tryna look at people and move my eyes with out moving my head, but I know I look obvious as fuck

Fuck it, I'm gonna go get my shades you want yours?

Me : yes. yes I do.

I love people watching! Sometimes if I'm out and about like sitting down in mall food courts or waiting for something, I'll just start assesing and dismissing people and wishing I had a camera to catch them looking a fool! It's especially when fun when I'm with witty company. In the club, I don't wanna just eyefuck the shit outta girls and be all obvious. I'd rather do it super smooth!
I just I might have to barter or sell my Dolce's cause all this time I thought my eye's weren't visible, but now I see that people can see me watching, judging and scrutinizing them and I don't like it! Not one bit.

If only the right kind of blueblockers weren't so hard to find... I could of course buy them from the website, but where's the fun in that. I'd rather stop at random CVS'/Walgreens/riteaids/eckerds check the sunglasses out and laugh with delight as I purchase my new people watcher.


Demiera said...

My friend and I went to Payless (yes a shoe store) and bought these super dark stunna shades...and sat on the train and did nothing but people watched...it was like we got some weird twisted satisfaction from knowing we were mean mugging the hell out of people and they couldn't tell...muah hahahahaha!!! *evil grin*

arychtexas said...

Its something about "hater blockers!" my fav shades are my all black dolces! I agree man when u have on them tinted jants people have no clue you criticising them north and south! I do want to stop pre judge people but its hard bc im so used to roasting people. Them blue blockers will make you look like john sally lol! Or T WAYNE

Video Vix[o]n said...

man, ain't that the best. f' the shades though, me and my boys people watch in the street and laugh our asses off at ppl, but the shades make it look good when you chillin. classic.

Anonymous said...

i'll come back to read, i was just dropping off my url

The Black Russian said...

great photo of u in the shades... people watching is the best!!! they need to make shades with little cameras on them so u can record some foolishness lol

Andre said...

it was like we got some weird twisted satisfaction from knowing we were mean mugging the hell out of people and they couldn't tell

I don't think I could've put it any more better than that... minus the evil grin though... LOL


T-wayne huh? LOL
Don't forget those same blueblockers are what put you on the path to designer eyewear, them shades birthed you son! LOL

and why stop criticizing it's so fun, and even more fun when they don't know you're talking about them and they think they're fresh!

@video v

I like the subtlety of the shades, but don't get it twisted people still get public roasting though!

Fa sho

@black ruskie
when I was a porn addict, there was this one site where the dude would wear "shades with little cameras" and offer chicks money to debauch... but they look so stupid.
anyways thank you, you're too kind!

PhlyyGirl said...

*Smirks @ eyefuck*

I loooovee to do that. Went to the best friends football game today and seriously had my way with some of those football players.
*fans self*
I don't need the ones with the camera though unless they can also record my sound color commentary. It's not half as funny if you can't hear me calling someone a bloated ass country western twinkie without the creme filling looking mafucka
*actual quote from today.

Anonymous said...

i do it.
without glasses! yea i'm hardcore. :P

Andre said...

bloated ass country western twinkie without the creme filling looking mafucka... no comment on that comment lol and yeah they had sound and everything so you could hear the propositions to the girls...

@venus two

hardcore rude lol

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