Whats the deal with...

High waisted jeans

When I see a girl in the club or out and about with them on, I don't think "damn she looks jazzy!"

I think older white woman.

Them shits look ridiculous to me kinda...Plus if the chick isn't modelesque, or toned nice, then that FUPA is there for everybody to see!

Breasts resting on waistband = Not HAUT
What do y'all think?


Han said...

i like high waisted skirts but not pants... and i think if you don't have the stomach for it then don't buy them! too many girls think they can get away with, its like NO YOU CAN'T YOU LOOK HORRIBLE! WTF?!? lol

I don't wear high waisted anything but maybe a skirt that flows. Those type pants are just uncomfortable.

Stew said...

yeah i have seen this a couple of times and though WTF!!!

but the look is coming back, and its just one of those things that people are going to have to learn that they can not wear

Demiera said...

Don't really like the high waisted jean thing...it's not really my cup of tea, so to speak. THe highest waisted item I own is a pair of shorts that don't even make it up to my navel. Anything higher is unattractive to me.

queenbee said...

personally, i'm with you, high waisted jeans are wack but if you must wear it, you GOT to be modelesque...its a must!!
cuz chicks be looking crazy in dem things lol

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

FUPA??? LMAO....oh wow

I'm modelesque...no I mean the real modelesque which means I lack curves. Therefore I stay away from high waisted jeans because I feel you need a little curve here and there. But those werent made for the super thick chicks that are one pound away from being obese. They look funny in them, as well as the skinny jeans.

I do like the high waisted skirts....makes me feel like I popped out of a couture magazine lol.

but those jeans in the pciture u posted are MOM jeans. lol theirs a difference.

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