I hate my palms cause they light!

I've been saying it for the longest... The animosity between the light skin boy/girls and the dark skin boys/girls is real. Fueled by everything from the media to your friends, it can work wonder for some and destroy others! I remember when I first got down to Georgia in like '95, but we moved from sandy springs (white part of town) to stone mountain (mixed but more black than white)in like '96 I still had a kind of strong british accent. So being black black and talkin' "white white" the only two places I could logically be from was Africa or Jamaica. I had to learn how to joan real quick. Cause I think african booty scratcher just got invented that year and black jokes then were like I'm rick james bitch! was in 2004! My tormentors were almost always light skinned dudes, thus spawning my distaste for my fairer skinned brothers!

For years it's always been a secret war...
sometimes public

and every so often for both sides a champion would emerge swaying girls hearts and making the opposing side "Out of style"


Other champions

This came up when me and my only light skinned homeboy J and his homegirl were talkin about that young berg shit...About how girls don't want light skinned dudes cause they're concieted, or want them cause thier baby will have good hair and how girls don't want dark skinned dudes cause they're ugly! How light chicks like dark dudes and dark chicks like light dudes. How everybody wants a yellow over a black chick.

Me: that's what he get for being light skinned in detroit

J: fuck does that mean

Me: y'all out of style and you know how they say pretty boys are weak and shit. so they thought he was a lick and they were right. plus y'all are outta style anyway, jus like kanye said!

J: We ain't went nowhere!

I know hella dudes and girls who say shit like "I couldn't see my self talkin to a dark/light skin person." Me personally, I don't discriminate, I ejaculate. I mean if a chicks pretty she's pretty hands down color non-withstanding.

Do y'all believe in this "in style" stuff?

How do y'all feel about the whole light/dark thing?

Is there even a thing?

Why the fuck did they replace aunt viv? and which viv did you like more?

Andre said...

In the eighties, if you were a man and you didn't look like a girl, have a curl or slang dope. You better be light skinned 'cause you weren't gettin no play.

RealHustla said...

That's so true! I kept it secret that I like the chocolate brothas just so that I could fit in with my friends.


kmx. said...

This "in style" ish is str8 up BULLJIVE! Like your judging people based on the color of they skin, sometimes I think if we have the other races to blame about discrimination. We up here discriminatin against our own. Me personally don't care whether the dude is light skinned or dark skinned. If they cute, they cute. Point blank. At the Aunt Viv, I have no idea but I hate/hated the new one and the old one was clearly better!

PhlyyGirl said...

Mannnn we could go on and on and on for days about this shit.
I'm brown skinned so no matter WHAT was in style, I never won cause I was never dark enough OR light enough.
In my personal life, I don't have a preference. My dad is extra dark skinned so I figure that I'll probably ultimately end up with someone who looks like him cause of course I want a man like my daddy.
That doesn't mean that I dont like light skinned men though.
I've seen cocky niggas of all shades so I'm not sure what skin color has to do with it.
And as for Yung Berg,
he got punked cause he was a PUSSY in detroit. Don't no grown man get his shit jacked and bragged about on the internet and run and tuck his dick.

Andre said...

You're right the first viv was better! She was real as fuck, the new one thought she was in a royal family or something! But with me the few light skinned dudes I do kick it with this always comes up, so it's not really discrimination; it's more like making assumption based on looks alone.

Berg was a bitch ass trick, I mean it's like it's not safe to have a chain anywhere, I heard they just "relieved" juelz in london!

Lina said...

Dude, yea I'm in between in the color range, nice wonderful caramel. Growing up, I only dated light-skinned dudes, but my reasoning was that when I was with a group of girls they always went with the darker ones first (which in turn left me with the light skinned dude) so it turn into a preference. Now I still don't discriminate but I've definitely dated more chocolate dudes than any other though, with light-skinned dudes coming in a close second.

Judy D. said...

there r issues among the complexions of our rainbow... i think that is all a way master kept us divided.

folk should just love who they want to, and stop making everything a matter of color.

we ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR PREFERENCE, but, i think, it shouldn't guide you towards discrimination on any level...

queenbee said...

Me personally, I don't discriminate, I ejaculate.--lmao u crazy

personally, it doesn't matter to me, black(light or dark), white, yellow, brown, whatever if we vibing i'm good....but that discrimination is very real, i know many a females that refuse to date a dark skinned man and vice versa...even dark skinned folks that refuse to date fellow dark skinned ppl, cuz "their kids will be black"--dumb as hell...but all that has to be self love...

i'm not even gonna touch on that ol cock roach looking boy Young Berg...

u say "joan" too? i thought that was dmv thing

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

Why the fuck did they replace aunt viv? and which viv did you like more?

they replaced aunt viv, because she got preggo and it was aganist her contract. because she got preggo it changed the show's plot and storyline for future episodes, so they had to include the pregancy 9 month stage, and got rid of her soon after because she refused to leave...


but ahhh oh well she was a hella lot better.

as you said i dont discriminate i ejaculate....lmfao
if i was a dood that would be so true for me. i dont driscriminate either i think i've been with everyone. [ damn did i sound like a slutty buddy? ] but yea. i love all my brothas. i feel there's nothing wrong with it, if your happy your happy ugly or not. lol. though for other people it varies. for example me...my dad is hispanic, and with him he always preferred me to be with someone who was hispanic or light skinned. which is prolly why he doesnt like me now, seeing how ive been with this guy from trinidad who's skin is darker than licorish...i spelled that wrong lol.

okay i digress.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

"Me personally, I don't discriminate, I ejaculate. "


you had a british accent? so damn cool.

I dont discriminate towards skin tone but I prefer dark skin guys. Thats just what I prefer.

Andre said...

when I was younger the "pack" always wanted the lighter chick too and I got caught up in it too... I guess it's just groupthink at its finest.


I don't discriminate too much, I just hate light skin guys cause they take all the girls LOL

But it's all in good fun, like my one light skinned ace, I rarely call him by name or "nom de la rues" he's simply "light skin boy" to me!


that's my creedo, I try to stick to it but I do get my profile on sometimes. even me, I think JP might be the darkest girl I've ever talked to in my life. But us black gals and black boys are like oil and water for reals.
Hell yeah I say joan, I left it back in 1999, cause "roastin" is that new hot fish grease!


"look at the big brain on braaaad!"

The mystery is solved. Puerto rican chick's mom was the same way, she wasn't to thrilled about her daughter dating (fucking) a coloured!

Let my x roomate tell it I still have it... I regret trying to lose it when I was younger, but it was such a tumultuos time being young with the urge to fit in!

Han said...

I liked dark skin Aunt Viv much better! She was funnier and cooler. The light skin one was dry. Lol.

I guess I can say I like dark skin dudes but... for real if vibe with whoever then so be it.

And yea you are funny with the "dont discriminate just ejaculate" i think a lot my guy friends think on those terms haha.

Dallas Black said...

Yea I think there was mostly legit reasons behind replacing aunt viv and I also am pretty sure she was a bit jealous of big headed Will. I mean, she was a deserving actress upstaged by this skinny light young rap punk...she didnt like that.

I feel bad for Carlton..to see Will explode and you doing cameos in TV commercials....life can be harsh...."its not usual to be loved by anyone..ba,bada,ba"

arychtexas said...

U r a fool. As a fellow OIL PAN I will like to say I can't stand light skinned people! Lol naw but it is a lil fued built up!

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