Rejection. It happens, and when it does it can be crushing, empowering and funny, and devastating all at the same time. I mean when I was younger rejection used to fuck my world up. The worst was in like school around 9th grade when a girl would be with her friend and be like...

"Aye boy, come here my friend wanna talk to you!"

and the friend would be like

"no the hell I don't!!!, gone boy unhh unn"

The friend could look like shit on a stick, but it's just the funniness overshadows her ugliness!
I can laugh now, but then.... aww man!

The only thing that to this day still grinds my gears though is that “shoo” hand motion that some girls like to do. When I see some girls do it I think to myself like “Damn, you can’t even verbally refuse the dude, you shoo him away like he’s an insect or a bologna sandwich!” but in some instances you know…yeah cause some niggas just don’t get it.

Anyways... We were sitting here talkin about rejection and shit and one cat who was laughing at our stories comes out his mouth and says
"I ain't never been rejected in my life so i wouldn't know about it."

Nobody is gonna buy that shit for a red cent! Any mufucka that says some shit like that is either two things...

1. A boldface liar

2. Or scared to holla

There's only one man in the world who can get universal play from all the ladies and everybody knows that it's Brad Pitt! But even with him, there's that %.2 that wouldn't fuck with the boy brad. So I know damn well this extra-ordinary, run off the mill ass nigga isn't getting all this play.. Fuck outta here!

My homeboy Baps creedo when it comes to hollering at girls is
no guts....no guts!
Which is damn true cause I don't think the average female knows how hard it is for some guys to cross those few feet or whatever and start a convo with a stranger . I say the rejection makes the victory even swheater. I feel like if one girl doesn’t wanna fluck with you, that’s exactly that ONE GIRL! You just bounce back and make sure you stunt extra hard on her with something more than or equal to…especially in the club or social situation.

Have y’all ever been rejected or am I the only one?


THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

maybe its different cause I'm a chikc,
but iam the "too scared to holla"type, mainly because of that reason....I dont wanna ever gert rejected. I can imagine that hurts...I've had to deal with some of my friends BOO HOOing because, "Antoine dont wanna get with me..." Sick shit.

Ppl get at me all the time, and I'm genuinely sincere, i aint tryna hurt nobodies feelings, if i aint feelin someone, ill say, "I got a man," even if I dont. I may be frontin`, i aint tryna shoo nobody off "like a bologna sandwich."

real shit. i liked this post.

ASiA freeeeakin DEEE

Stew said...

yep been rejected, but it was in a nice way.

in 6th grade i asked this girl out and she said "let me think about it" then the next day at lunch time she sent me a messenger and the message was "no". i was not crushed though, just moved on.

Jaded said...

I've never been rejected in respect to trying to get with someone, but the few bf's I've had, have shot me the deuce first, which is rejection in it's worst state.

I often wonder why no one ever tries to holla at me...I wouldn't bite...but I wonder if I'm not as cute as I think...nah that can't be it. lol.

Anyway, rejection is a universal feeling. It's like someone saying they've never lied.

Lina said...

I got rejected alot...so much so that I don't try now...if it comes it comes. And if it dont, it wasnt meant to be.

Han said...

i just don't holla dudes.
and then i give the cold shoulder a lot of dudes...

sounds mean right? yea.. i'm mean.
but i hate rejection. and i sense it miles away.

arychtexas said...

man rejection sux i tell you. but it sucks after you were on your game now you going thru a dry spell thats the worst! B/c eventually you become desperate and that leads to nasty tramps/ fat nasty girls

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