How late am I?

I hate getting up on stuff late..but I'm just too stubborn and don't want to be a bandwagon ass dude...Or invest my precious time in new artists... I mean I feel like...

are people only listening to it cause the buzz surrounding them or is the music actually good?

mufuckas don't want to be "mainstream," but come off that shit...They're gonna play you're shit out 'till mufucka don't wanna hear it no more (ask Teddy Pain) That's why you gotta play the game and dance for the man and make new shit. and with that formula, most of the music today makes me wanna turn off the radio(whoop rico anyone?), so rebuking whoever is popular this week makes me cool. right?

With music I find so much old shit I couldn't appreciate or wasn't open to then, that I fuck with super tough now like...

Arular (M.i.A is off the chain.. I don't wanna listen to her new shit for fear it's a letdown) ,

Soul Food(I loved cell therapy, 'Kast shut down ATL in 96-97 and I fucked with them instead), MF Doom (that dude is stupid, from the way he flips his samples to the shit he says...jumpin jahosaphat!) Rush, The Cure, Bo$$ in Drama, Gangstarr, Tears for Fears, Quincy Jones, Lonnie Liston, Tenacious D... I could go on and on. So why the fuck do I wanna hear the next such and such?

But the downside to that is that I do miss out on some mufuckas worth listenin too from that fear of change or unwillingness to feel like I'm a trendy tarrantino... like

Lupe *ducks* My nig J was into him real heavy and when we'd ride he'd bump that Mike Love mixtape and I just didn't wanna hear dude at all, But hearing switch made me curious about him...

Kanye- I didn't like Jesus walks, diamonds, touch the sky, overnight celebrity(except the beat, it was pretty sick) at all. So off the strength of that I didn't like kanye. I didn't fuck with him 'till someone put Graduation on my iPod, then it was Late Regristration, now I'm all about the dude!

The Dream- Everybody I knew was tellin me this dude was "that dude" Girls I knew, dudes I knew errrbody! But I didn't like "shawty is a 10". Plus I was on Frank and back to black at the time heavy... I was in the club when I heard I luv yo girl it was a reynolds....

Amy Winehouse - I didn't really sleep on her, I was just ignorant to the current popular music, so I was in target buying a guitar for Guitar hero with jen bear and she was like...

"you should get her album * back to black*

me: who the fuck is this?

"you know....she sings rehab"

Me:*blank stare*

*jen starts singing chorus*

Me:*blank stare*

Sure enough I bought it and I've been a fanatic ever since...

This came about cause my homegirl is all about Gym Class Heroes and she was like you know they're comin to town right? All excited and shit... So I wanna go cause the roots are gonna be there but I don't wanna just be out of the vibe for GCH. So I listen to the Papercut Chronicles she gave me and to my first impression of these dudes is...

"You know how you might have a hot rhyme/idea/picture/joke/anything that you wanna write down before you forget it? Well it seems like these dudes listened to Pharrezzy and N.E.R.D. and hit the studio with that mindframe. I mean they're like Nerd minus the falsetto's. Average rhymin cat with a nice band / DJ work.

For the GCH heads should I listen to this since I'm a GCH virgin? or just steal her "the quilt"?

Help me y'all cause right now I've got 4 words for GCH.


Lina said...

I'm more of a song person, so its rare for me to say, listen to this album or that. Speaking of, I had the Papercut Chronicles and I only got it because of Viva La White Girl, which is my shit. Damn, I ain't helpful at all...my bad.

The Black Russian said...

I love GCH to death lol... but to each is own.... I like kanye's older stuff but thats just me....your music choices are good always keep your mind open to new music even though it may not be your flavor

Jaded said...

Ok, two more:
Adele (chasing pavements) & Duffy (mercy)...

Adele does this freaking awesome cover of "Make you feel my love" & Duffy...well she's great too.

And I put at least 5 people onto Amy. I love Amy. Don't nobody better not talk about my Amy...get it? No? eh Bad joke.

Jaded said...


^^^^^^^ Adele cold sholder


Duffy Stepping stone.

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

i feel your music pain.
If im forced to listen to the crapp on the radio (its TERRiBLE in Cali...) i just go home and detox on the REAL stuff.

i deff gree with jaded, Adele is amazing !

Andre said...

LOL Thanks?
But thats the same thing JP said when I askrd her about them.

@black ruskie
I do but its so hard to not be biased when hearing new shit, especially if they're the "new hottness"

Amy is the shit though, I wanna just kidnap her and tie her to a bed in a abandon house and feed her "real food" and make her inhale steam with vicks. and then release her to the world 70 pounds heavier and drug free!

I check out these so called artist..but If I don't likee, im comin at your neck!

@the one
you too I'm gonna hold you partially responsible for adele too!
Turn down the radio, I can't see how people bump that shit all day..when I had no sound in my shit, it was college radio and classical for me all day.

Zay The Gr3at said...

i got you back on the honest blogger man, and i like Lupe & Kanye Is Coo At Times..Too DAmn Cocky Tho

Video Vix[o]n said...

i know what you mean about mainstream and the other people that get no shine because they ain't out there like that.

I have levels of listening to music. There are people, like Lupe and Kanye, that if their shit is hot, it goes on the "pod." if not, then when i hear them on the radio, i wouldn't necessarily change the station.

seeing im in upstate bumblefuck, i'm mad late on some new shit, but when it hits my ears, i fucks with it.

I'd give GCH a chance. their first album was aight, but i wouldn't buy the quilt. that cookie jar song is tough though.

thee dumb flyest. said...

I never comment, I just lurk ... lol. But I gotta defend my GCH boys lol. You gotta listen to "As Cruel As School Children". Travis is like ... one of the best lyricists.

And pleaaaaaaase tell me you've heard of Drake!

lol, oh, and I'm Eric. I write this blog (www.mydarkrecesses.blogspot.com). Nice blog though, keep it up.

Alex said...

I totally agree with you on the GCH thing. They don't sound original at all and just seem like they tried to become a couple of good artists combined.


hb said...

Ok. I'm glad you mentioned peopl I listen to.
Arular = beast. My first impression of Kala (because I bought it the day it came out) was disapointment. But then I listened to it a few more times and it grew on me and I like it more than Arular. It has crazy B-more club imnfluences to it which I was never a fan of but now i can tolerate it thanks to MIA. but since ppl have been playing her out, i've gone back to Arular.

Lupe... I have mixed feelings about. I wasn't a fan of both of his CDs but I like his mixtapes.

Kayne, All Falls Down. & Late Registration was my shit.

The Dream- i like shawty is a 10 but didn't care for him. then I heard Fast Car transition into Nikki. DL'd the CD immediately and love love loved it.

I loved Back to Black when it first came out. Then I did some hw on her and found Frank- which I love way more. It isn't as dark as her 2nd CD. And her voice has more range since it was pre-druggie wino.

GCH- Papercut Chronicles & As cruel as school children I really love.
The quilt though.... did you hear the 1st 2 singles? and one of the is with dream? naw... i think that those songs and travie cutting his hair was suicide. DL if you really want it but... as far as i know, its ... *vomit*. and i really love them too :(.
well moslty travie :P

hb said...

sorry for all the typos. i was rushing and... i'm sick and what not so my head just hurts like crazy :(.

Demiera said...

The only radio that's hot now is that Sirius XM radio...I don't listen to it myself but I know someone who does and he always tells me about the newest shit before it hit the regular radio.

I rarely like a song when it's being played out on the radio though...I either listen to it before it gets big or wait til everyone gets off its jock to listen to it. So I guess that makes me late by choice?

And by the way, I love Switch by Lupe, and I also like Lupe The Killer. Don't know if you heard that one but it's pretty damn hot

Andre said...

No doubt man...that's way make 'ye 'ye, his cocky ass swagger

@video V
Not even bro I meant that these artist talk all this shit about not being commercial and nobody wanting to be seen as listening to "mainstream" music.
Yeah like when I heard "a milli" for the first time in the club...I went B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

@dumb fly
Best lyricists...get thee fuck outta here bro... I mean I'm not hearing anything to special from this cat. Nothing that makes me wanna rewind his shit. I'll check out his firt shit cause I'm not gonna judge offa one album.

And drake? Quien es?

If pharrell started poppin pills and stopped hanging with black people and cut himself, that's how he'd sound. I really don't hear to much that hasn't been done before.. And I really hate seeming like I'm bashin these boys but damn.


I wrote GCH off when I heard cupids chokehold, it only cause of my homegirl that I'm listening now.
Frank = soulful, and sincere. I mean it's like two different people almost. And you know I had the album for like 3 months before I heard the "hidden tracks" then after I heard those I fell in love with frank again.
and most of their fanbase is all about the dude, I think them girls be lettin his music slide cause dude is "attractive" to them...
And go rest your weary mind, drink some green tea or herbal tea!

Lupe the killa is on my kick right now! That boy got off on that shit for reals... I still don't know how to feel about sirius yo, cause I've got hella cd's and my face can play iPod. I don't want to be forced to listen to what someone else thinks is hot, and pay them either!

thee dumb flyest. said...

LOL, I promise, Travis is ridiculous. I think I like him more because his stuff is real-life as opposed to most rappers. So lyrically, he's dope. Pillmatic is one of the most word-bending songs, and I didn't even like it when I first heard it.

And Drake ... whew! Go google "Comeback Season". I haven't heard one person that heard him and didn't love him.

Drake - Faded: http://www.zshare.net/audio/186258253cd58cb5/

K. Denise said...

I'm trying to decide on if I should hate you or not for the Lupe thing, lol.

My friend Alex was like that too though..he listened to Lupe sometimes..maybe..then he heard switch and saw those MTV commercials about The Cool a while back and wanted to borrow my Cool cd and F&L...

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