The King of Silence

For reals this week has already shaped up quite terribly... and if something happens later on down the line, I will look at the 23rd of september and rue that day!

-Slush fund...running low...1st of the month, $250 awaits me WTF?

-Because I'm feeling vulnerable, I asked some of the girls I've been talking to scary questions and got back some scary answers...some questions remained unasked because the answer is written all over their face, and of course some ?'s are better left unsaid.

-That accident with that fuckboy from maryland, raised my damn insurance rates. The chick who was in the car had the nerve to get out after I hit him and was like
"you should slap his ass"
I'm not a fighting' type dude, but I've been hitting the gym. Plus we were on the strip (Va Beach main strip) at about 10:30. I would've worked his slouch sock with the b-boots,bubble vest wearing, Go-Go music listening ass in front of everybody.

-On that gym note, I've lost 23 pounds! I felt it, but didn't really notice it until all my jeans and uniforms were hella loose, and people at work were askin me if I was on crack! I feel good though, I haven't been this in shape since ashley / jacksonville.
My secret is a super unhealthy diet of fasting, drinking shit tons of water and eating tortillas and salsa. But the downside of that is I've always got that "Mccain-itis", I work my arms and shoulders so much and don't scretch I can barely raise my arms to my face or above my head. The upside of that is that the next chick I jump up and down with I'm gonna short-short long the shit outta her!

-Speaking of jumping up and down , I set me and lloyd up for friday, with the girl I met at last weeks wack ass house party and her best friend. With gas around here like $105 a barrel, I'm glad she's all about some Dre and coming through. It sucks she leaves on the 30th cause she's cool, keeps it real and she's got those bratz DSL's and a body like a shotgun *bang bang y'all*

-Speaking of body like a shotgun, I talked to my light skinned ace for a hot minute and he asked about JP, I told him wha gwan and he was like...

"She's gonna let you keep going out with her and when you try to see whats up with it, she's gonna be like y'all are just friends or just play you to the left. Leave it alone!"

Is it good advice? I don't know..but even though I don't think she'll do me like that, I'm no bologna sandwich either and I just stay woke.

- "It's true that you can't turn a hoe into a house wife, Well listen shorty maybe I don't want a house wife.
They say that you a freak I'm thinking that they bout right, cause that pussy's so good and your mouth tight"

That song describes this girl Tundra, a certified toss up I'm considering talking to perfectly. Lloyd advised me...

"She's a smut and If you kiss her you kissing my dick blah blah blah, you better not take her out etc. You better hit in a week or you flawed."

I feel like I get down too. I mean I'm a single guy. I do what I please and I wouldn't want some chick throwing that shit in my face (even though girls secretly like that). To me that whole past shit is just that... I'm 22 gonna be 23 in november, I been outta high school for a minute, I could give two shits about that bullshit. Now if I'm tryna marry the girl it would fuck with me a bit in certain situations, but it wouldn't change how I saw her if I was really feeling / loved her. I don't wanna get married but this girl Tundra is beautiful and from central america or so she says, so I'll see what happens with that. Who knows, maybe instead of a good girl who does freaky things that wants to play fuckity fuck fuck games, a scraight freak is what I need...

Am I a sucka ass dude for that? I mean fuck it lets get vulnerable right?

A lil 2L;2R but Enjoy your weekend and the debate!


PhlyyGirl said...

Not a bubble jacket wearing, go go listening MARYLAND dude. LOL.
In all actuality, if he had on NIKE boots he had to be from DC. LOL

But she a freakthough.... You know what T.I.P say" She might show you some shit that you ain't seen before, but what you do behind closed do's is for you to know"

Good looks on the gym shit, but not so much on the crack diet, no. LOL

Anyways, I think I'm bout to go date myself and then chill for the rest of the weekend. Have a good time babes

Jaded said...

Your friend Lloyd gives the best advice...well maybe not best but certainly the hoodest. He's my fav. lol.

23 pounds?! ARE you on crack? Bec that's some serious weight. Congrats!

Why are you 22? This don't make no sense. Everyone so young lol.

Happy Friday!

Video Vix[o]n said...

man, do what you gotta do with that girl man. dont have ya expects too high, thats all. phlyygirl was on point with that TI quote.

lose the weight and gain it in muscle man. I'm trying to be on my Will Smith shit.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

"would've worked his slouch sock with the b-boots,bubble vest wearing, Go-Go music listening ass in front of everybody."

damn lol thats insane.

congrats on losing 23 pounds :-) you have to do those weight loss pictures where "use to be" fat people hold their pants to the side and show all the extra room they have in them lol...

hb said...

ay...chill on MD. lol
lol, but she a freak though. that song hahaha.

good job on working and shit.
i need to hit the gym and lose a little weight heh. but whatev.

thee dumb flyest. said...

i say talk to 'ol girl. Central America? yessir.

but no, really ... everyone goes through their period supposedly where they just do crazy stuff. you might be the end.

then again, she may just give you that good and bounce.

... i guess i didn't help at all lol.

Judy D. said...


Smuts is nasty, what that gonna make u?

and good gurls play games, cuz yall play bigger ganes- if u tell her u just wanna fuck, then she'll stop playing games, either by fucking with u or not. lol

why buy the cow, if u can get the milk for free?

Queen said...

yea ur boys advice is hilarious but logical..
my advice: if she's not quality, don't f*ck wit her.. no matter how spendid u think the cooter will be..

1st time on ur blog! I'll prolly be back..

A.M. said...

yo i swear ya post are crazy...do u have n e inhibitions lol? what's this about, "I'm gonna short-short long the shit outta her!" LOL u make me laugh...and btw...I LOVE that T.I. song freak though...

Andre said...

You're too kind..and I'm kinda out there right?

Short stroke-short stroke--long stroke...duh. I sometimes alternate and switch em up to keep the suspense in it you know...

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