Nights like this i wish...

Idle hands really are the devils playthings...it's nights like this when the lurst bubbles in my heart. I mean sometimes I'll step outside and feel the crisp but not too cold summer / fall night air and I look at the sky and it'll just feel like a night for jumping up and down. I mean I can't think of the word right now (if you know the word a winner is you, and it's crazy I know the definition but not the word; certain smells evoking memories) but it's when you might smell pine trees and think about the Talkboy you got for christmas when you were 8. Anyways I look at the moon and just think of all the debauch I've done on nights like this; on the hood of my car, drinking a arizona green tea and saluting a nearby flag all unbeknownst to her, in a church parking lot, behind driving ranges, in the macarthur mall garage after a lloyd banks concert, on front porches. I wish I could txt each one of them "thnks 4 the mmrys" because every night like this, I'm assaulted by memories like those.


Video Vix[o]n said...

aww man, that must be the worst to have those urges.

Can't think of that word man, sorry.

PhlyyGirl said...

Yea, so I cheated and tried to google and still couldn't find the word
But I feel you though. With me it's music.
If I hear a certain song, I'll just go back tothe days when I used to have those "get/give the biz" playlists and all of a sudden I'm back in the playground/sneaking in the basement of my house/skipping school all over again.
If I close my eyes it's almost like being in a time machine.
I wish I could thank them for the memories only uh, that's a lot of thanking to be doing
*shifty eyes*

Jaded said...


Demiera said...

This sounds almost like the scene from a movie
But I liked the description
this was actually pretty powerful, not gonna lie
and I was gonna suggest nostalgia but I see jaded got to it first =P

hb said...

reminiscing about those times. eh?

Eb the Celeb said...

in a church parking lot though...lol

Andre said...

Everybodies got something that takes them back...whatever it takes them back to, who knows?

sorry that's not it...

Jaded said...

How could it not be that. I demand you recheck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.. okay I'm being a sore loser.

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