Saving my soul pt.2

I started the quest for redmemption. I went to the humane society and helped out and I have to say.... I feel the same.

First off the day was pretty shitty, rainy and grey. So I got there and the chick was like...

"do you need a sars mask?"

Me: *silly woman* Nah, I'm a man...

I walked in the kennel and I was just like zaaammn! I mean I'm a dog owner and I've smelled shit and other doggy smells, but the smell of like 20+ dogs in a enclosed space is like a rotten big bacon classic!

But after cleaning the first couple of cages I was still a lil' freaked out by all the shit and stuff.

The cats kinda fucked me up too, I mean they didn't smell bad in comparison to the dogs but every one was so keut. I mean I never really was that big of a cat person but I've met some cool cats in my life (frankenstien,hobbes,kellog)and I have a special spot for them. I wanted to play with them but you couldn't cause of the risk of spreading a fatal eye infection.

So onto dog walking I was assigned and here were the luck ones I got....

This was the first dog I walked, it was hella sad because I guess he was so abused or whatever that he was super scary. I mean I'd go to pat his head and he'd brace himself for a punch or rollover expecting a kick!

This muthafucka was just happy to be out and run around...also kinda scary but we did run and plaaaay. He was mangy but still swheat.
This dog had the attitude of a hooker. He was so indifferent to me, I really felt like a john walking him. But he was pretty cool and laid back.
This mufucka here Carson... I loved this fuckin dog! His back was what had me, he was built like a fuckin tank! Stout, fast and single minded. He reminded me of Ashley's pit bull. I locked us in a little league baseball field and unleashed him. I let him chase me and I juked the shit outta his ass. But it's crazy how he could be playin' but nipping the shit outta me. His hops were crazy too, he would jump up and bite my nipple!
The picture does this big ass dog no justice. He had a cage all the way at the end, and as I got him out I thought of Green Mile as he walked down the rows of cages. But this mufucka was so laid back and chill, like he was high or something. He just enjoyed the walk like he was on death row!


kmx. said...

Yeah my dogs smell enough as it is, it's five of them, AND they outside, but somehow their shtty odor finds it's way by wind through the windows and into the house, ugh. Even though you said you feel the same didn't being with the doggies make you happier? At least a little? hehe.

Lina said...

Awwww...thats so sweet of you Andre!!!! Major cool points. Saving your soul: 10 points closer to heaven. LOL

Andre said...

Oh yeah... I loved being around the dogs but at the same time I'm like, damn all these cool ass dogs / cats are gonna get put down or whatever.


Yay me, if only they accepted money....

Eb the Celeb said...

aaawwweee... they are all so cute

lmao @ the one who made you feel like a john

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

bit your nipple? oh wow.
thats dope what you're doing tho.

paix, Asia Dee

hb said...

lol for analyzing the dogs. poor doggie that flinches at everything :(

so wait.. is this your job now?

Jaded said...

No lie. You are seriously the shiznick for doing this.


Andre said...

Thanks again yall... but sadly no HB thats isn't my job, it would be kinda kick ass at first but I would like dogs a lot less, and that would suck because they are such beautiful creatures!

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