That was four years ago!?!

I think these two pictures are like the epitome of growin up! I mean yeah I'm still on that bullshit sometimes, yeah I'm still a slave to the lurst, yeah I still wanna be that dude, but in moderation though.

Circa 2004

Yes it is a tall tee with scooby doo with a grill on it (Shouts out to arychtexas for the hot shirt) yes, I do have my sidekick 2 case showing to these hoes, yes, I look like BOLD lettering and yes I do look like a wack ass nigga...but back then you couldn't tell me nuthin.

I don't know how many words I'd have to put here to fully describe the years betwixt and the growing I've done as both a man, and as a person. Experience is the best teacher, even though I hate having to find out the hard way!

Circa 2008
four years laters and my dog Ray is still lookin' like ryan phillipe, but alas my wackness is gone, the lurst was at bay, I was kickin it with ashley and happier than a pig in a blanket!


Eb the Celeb said...

hahahahaha... you just brought me back to college...

all the dudes from the DC area on teh A&T campus used to tie their hoodies but have the hoodie open just like you have in that pic... it used to bug the hell outta me because I just didn't get it... like they thought the hoodie was going to fly away or something if they didn't tie it...

can you please explain?

Melody.Darlene said...

i love throw back pix!

Stew said...

Eb is right...i would walk around campus and try to figure out why they tied it up like that. i guess they wanted to be a superhero or something

Andre said...

Eb duh...two reasons.

1.When I actually don my hood, I look and feel like batman.

2. and when I run it flies around my body like a cape!

But seriously I just think it looks cool.

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