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Due to my situation not being able to perpetuate my teddy spendacash lifestyle, I've become a working/geeking out, phone boning, loser! So instead of boring everybody to death with day to day malarkey...I'll share with y'all tasteful tales of debauch and just get vulnerable for a while...so here we go with what I like to call...
The Early years.

I remember way back around the summer before ninth grade. I met a dude who stayed in the neighborhood and was a grade ahead of me named Royce. Me and Royce kicked it real tough that summer, hitting the pool, playin' nintendo 64, playin basketball 'till dark time, going to the mall and not buyin a damn thing. I mean I kinda looked up to this dude, he had a basement with a nice sound system, a pool table a couch and one of those 7 in 1 workout stations, he was tall and good in basketball, and he wore a old navy tek vest; he had it all! We were bff's before I knew what a bff was.
But most importantly he pulled chicks. Girls in the neighborhood wanted to throw it to him, most of em he hit or had the chance to and turned it down. Which boggled my young mind! I mean I'm 14, my goal is to get the nappy dugout, and he's turnin it down.
Another thing that fucked me up was that he had a girl Jayda, of course he'd tell me about all the things they did and he'd always be like
"I'm tired of fucking her!"
You've got the baddest chick on our bus lettin you get off at her stop after school, and you're tired of fucking her?

It was a sad sad day when I learned just what he was talking about. Come 10th grade, my first certified fine girlfriend, I'm talkin the baddest thing since crack cocaine! We'd watch TRL cause it was programmed to come on at 3:30 right after school and when we got to her house it would already be on or we'd skip school and watch say what karaoke, and "jenny jones in your bed. I did everything I could imagine with erica, but I wanted more. I don't know what that more was but I wanted it and that's still one of my downfalls today...


Jaded said...

You say you wanted more. How did you know? Was she boring? Was she annoying (like did she snap her gum all hoodie like)? Did you like someone else??

PhlyyGirl said...

ROFL@ Jaded! "snap her gum all hoodie like?"

I can understand that though Dre. It's that eternal chase in you. Once you've climbed one mountain and seen the valley on the other side, you gotta go climb the next mountain just to see if there's a better view

Andre said...

Jaded it's wierd It seemed like when I was with her,I felt like I was that dude! I really was feeling myself and my homeboys were like "zaaaamn you did it!"...so my head was on extra big! But at the same time I felt like I was missing out on all these opportunities to jump with other girls cause I didn't want to cheat on her. And since she didn't go to house parties and was scared to smoke weed, when wed be getting high around us, she said she didn't mind but she'd act all different and shit, frigid almost. Our phone boning wasn't as interesting, she didn't wanna skip like that anymore. So I started not callin her back and basically being a kind of a shitty boyfriend (unconciously though) and my mom wouldn't lie for me to her.

But phlyy summed it all up though

Anonymous said...

Dang... so, first time here.


But how come all I took from this entry is that I was late ass hell having sex. Homedude was boning at 14?? Da hell? I get the bored feelings coming through with that homechick when you were in 10th grade... but um, damn, sex at 14? LMAO.

I gotta watch my little brother now.

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

great post.
being that i am in the 11th grade,
i get a lot of what you're saying :)

im like, the girl version of your 10th grade self, in a weird way.


nice post tho.

Asia Dee

Andre said...

@gotta get it
Nah I was 1 in tenth grade...I met royce when I was 14...but if I remember right I was hunchin' in 7th grade and doin' it in 8th!

But nowadays girls 13-14 are fuckin like it aint no thang... it's the girls that need to be watched!

Video Vix[o]n said...

man, that must have been a crazy feeling. I felt that way with my last girl, but as phlyy said, you want that better view, whatever that is.

and girls are on that maury shit. they supposedly don't give a damn, according to the show at least.

A.M. said...

I'm 21 but one thing I've learned it ya'll always want more. & that's not even me calling u out or being negative. you men always want more...and not more like " I'm tryna improve my life" more like, "I'm selfish as shit." SMH dunno man...but nice story i guess lol

hb said...

yea... that's what happened to me and my ex... i guess he wanted to know what else was there. which is funny because i wanted to know what else was there before college... but w/e.

And lmao at Gotta let it you: shiiiiiz my little brother is 12 and he's been getting calls from girls since like... idk 5th grade. yea. i don't like it one bit x_x

iCandy21 said...

great post. the stuff you said kinda makes me think about my gf. she's always saying how she's greatful to have me and what not, and im a bad bitch (i am when i get fly lol), but I cant help but think she's going to get tired of me and want something else...idk its human nature to want to know what else is out there. oh and I sooo used to watch say what kareoke...that was the shit!

Lina said...

A.M. kinda got a point...yall be thinking you want the best, then you get the best and want better than the best, and Im like WTF is that about? But then again its like you said, when you know what you want, these problems arent as frequent.

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