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Firday night was pretty cool….I headed over to Arych’s house to pickup my new winter boots (which are crushin BTW and get me "your shoes are really keut" everywhere I go) that I got sent to his house. I met some of his wife’s family that was down here for his daughter’s birthday. So I finally see his wife’s two friends that came down from Kalamazoo. They were both hella cool but “America” was engaged and the other one “Smindsey” was hella cute with her Betty Page looks and was single and fancy free! Plus they both have these “Sarah Palin accents” and would randomly say quotes like

"You betcha!"
"I can see russia from my house"
"What's the difference between a pitbull and a soccer mom?"

So we’re all just chillin and talking and then Arych’s wife is looking at me for my knowledge of clubs and that nightlife and is like “Where are we going tonight?” but the thing is I haven’t been out-out like that for reals except for that one Friday night. So I take the hit and decide to be the DD, so they’re all pre-gaming and me being the sober one is like we gots to go! So we jump in the truck and head to the Granby Theater. Of course as always, the call of nature hit the ladies as soon as we were about to park. So we park without incident and make our way to the club.

I was kinda hot at Arych and his wife cause they were like really pullin me towards "smindsey" saying "she's single, stop being wack and dance with her!" but I told them "I can't really get jiggy to the techno rap blends. But I did dance with her and she can get down, I'm talking both "smindsey" and "america" were killing it and having them hoes giving them the evil eye or whatever.

So after spending like an hour in that wack club we went next door to this other club, the music was a lot better it was just small as hell (it's a restaurant during the day). I guess they weren't feeling the small size and the wack layout ( the entrance walkway cuts through the dance area and you can't be in the walkway) so we went back to wack ass granby theater. The main thing about that club that pisses me off is that the DJ, DJ Playboy thought that he really was doing something! I mean I'm sitting there watching the DJ and he's spinning and checking his earphones that are on one ear and thinking he's doing something but that mufucka sucks! A hot club banger like Live my life would blend into this wierd techno crap that would clear the dance floor out! I was fresh as hell so I just decided to pose on the dance floor with my new DC boots and traditionaly palestinian scarf.

So we left and I gave "smindsey" a piggy back ride to the car and we get to arych's house and it's pitch black cause his family is sleep and it's like 2 something in the morning. So we decided to take shots of goose, talk like sarah palin, make fajitas, take pictures, play truth or dare and eat elf cookies! Little did I know I'd get GHB'd the next night we went out!

"smindsey and america"

Why am I making that face? and why does Arych look like a stud? Lips looking like some baby dicks... then damn don cheadle lips!

Hiding and being quiet.


Phree Christasha said...

ROFL@ hiding and being quiet.

For the record, I HATE horrible ass DJ's. That shit will kill a party quicker than running out of alcohol.

Cool weekend though.

Phree Christasha said...

Oh and out of curiousity, what is GHB'in?

kmx. said...

Sounds like a great time to me! & LMFAO at "Lips lookin like some baby dicks..."

& The whole I can see Russia from my house thing makes me laugh...somebody in my English class said that today when we had a stupid ass fake-election.

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

Wack ass DJ!
Don't they make you sick...
Like I can burn a whole CD that will DESTROY a DJ like playboy!
you know you wrong for that!

Andre said...

running out of alcohol at a party would be the worst...
GHB = Date rape drug

Even though it wasn't poppin' like I wanted it to it was fun ass hell!

I hate hate hate shitty DJ's i mean these iTunes kingpins with hopes of being DJ such and such makes me shit.

The Black Russian said...

lol @ itunes kingpins haha.. yes some Djs use that title in vain.. sounds like u had fun....was the ghbing good or bad?????

Lina said...

them boots are giving me fucking fever andre...ugh i love your penchant for hot kicks. oh and ol' girl was cute, but nobody really likes to be 'setup'.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

man those boots are something else

hb said...

like taryn said, those boots are something else lol. DC?

looks like you had fun :). is smindsey the one in the purple, she's purdy and haha "hiding..."

i'm mad you went on your friend saying his lips look like baby dicks. just made him ... very unattractive lol.

not to defend palin, because i am ALL FOR OBAMA, but it's funny how she didn't literally say "i can see russia from my house". it's just funny that the parodies done of her truly reflect her dimwitted-ness and if i was told that it was a real statement that came from her mouth i would believe it a 100%.

stupid bitch. <-- sry not trying to be angry in ur comment section but damn. stupid bitch.

hb said...

as in palin. lol

A.M. said...

I swear u and ya crazy fun. Cool boots since u seem u wanted a compliment on it hahha lol j/k, j/k.

supreme. said...

i like those boots, fam.

queenbee said...

them boots is where its at, my dude...thats all

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