I'm a firm believer that when it comes to meeting new girls... You get in good, then you try and put your man on her friend/sister/cousin off GP. But it's like there is anarchy in the girl world. Almost every girl I talk to I'll ask them something like...

Me: "I'm here with my dog or whatever, where your friends at!"

Bad Gal : I dont hang out with girls they ___________.


B.start trouble


D.I just hang with my cousin/best friend I've known since __ Grade.

E. or the ever popular... "I only hang out with dudes cause they keep it real"

F. Fill in your own answer

Now E. Really grinds my gears because I wanna scream at these girls "Keep it real, these niggas just wanna fuck your stupid ass they don't like hanging with you!" Now of course this isn't always the case but you know...

Not generalizing at all but how are all these girls fuckin each other over? I mean dudes I call my homeboys and really fuck with, the closest they come to fuckin me over is maybe in a hoes over bros situation, But shit, at the right time I'm a hoes over bros type dude myself. Or maybe being hella late with something. But again "I'll be there in five minute, five hours later, I'll be there in five minutes" describes me perfectly.

What's really going on out here?

PS: As far as my me being GHB'd , I think that amaretto sour I took from a girl was laced.She had two and was gonna give one to her friend but her friend already had a drink, so before we danced she handed it to me. She was semi keut, well keut enough to not have to date rape. On the way home I got out the car and earled behind the truck and told errbody I was "calibrating my GPS!" Arych's wife says it was the swirl( I was pregaming on screwdrivers and on long islands at the club, then that sweet ass amaretto sour), and Arych says that I've got the liver of a 13 year old girl...

PPS: I flucks with Kid Cudi, first heard Authentik chattin bout him, then I heard him on that Santogold mixtape, then I heard Day n nite... Kid's a beast!


Demiera said...

I happen to be the type of girl who doesn't really like girls. All my childhood friends were guys who were like 5 years older than me, which is prolly why i only fuck with people older than me now.

Sounds like you were drinking yo ass off. LMAO @ "calibrating your GPS"...even when youre wasted you're funny!

Jaded said...

You know whats funny? I am the exact opposite. I do NOT fucks with niggas like that. I mean I literally have one male BFF (he's been the BFF since 8th grade) and other than him...I stick with my chica's (all four of them lol). I too never really understood the "I don't hang with females" mantra...

My 13 year old niece said something like that and I was like "Don't be like that...just choose your friends wisely".

Lina said...

Girls are super emotional, as you are aware, so they have a tendency to take shit outta context which ends up with someone's feelings being hurt. That hurt time and time again causes women to not fuck with other women on a general friend tip. Plus, we aren't dumb enough to think that these men are genuinely friends with us, but men are sooooo much easier to handle.

I don't keep a big circle of people around me anyway, but that list doesn't include but one female. I just don't like em all that much. LOL

Judy D. said...

thats a cute pic from the last post... i think that females have issues with each other lol dont ask me why... personally, i dont have many female friends- i have a couple- guys have a stronger bond, i think. while females have a closer bond. there is a difference.

iCandy21 said...

man my girl be on that dumb shit (E.)...i have to let her know like...all these niggas are NOT tryna be ur damn friend...they tryna fuck...do NOT get it twisted...and sure enough eventually they try to over step boundaries. Now...there are a few dudes who really are just cool dudes, but majority are tryna get the cheeks, ya dig? I completely am with you on this post! and lmmfao @ grinds my gears...i say that too!!

Anonymous said...

I never really understood why some girls, can't get along with members of their own sex. I personally love the company of female friends. Whats odd, is that some of them who hung out with me, told me they disliked hanging around girls as well. WTF? I think there is allot of cut throat activity in girl world. But, not every girl should be seen as the enemy. It makes me wonder, how the Amazons managed to live together.

Andre said...

@ the D
All I really had on my mind was not embareassing myself in front of my friends...I hate living it so much that I have to live it down. me myeslf, I really only kicks it with people in my age group, unless it's like a jit wonder that can bring something to the table.

@Jay did
That's all it is, watch who you try and get down with. I refuse to believe that all these other girls are fucked up and out to get you.

I remember reading somewhere that guys measure friendships in favors and stuff like that and girls in...well I forget how they measure it. but like this one chick this weekend was like " I love hanging around you lloyd cause you so crazy!" I looked at lloyd and he looked at me; and we were like this chick is crazy!
@Ju Ju
Yeah I know what you mean because men don't share that closeness (sitting on a love seat with my dog, our thighs cannot touch!) and women don't really forge strong strong bonds. They just tell each other thier darkest secrets
Yeah I mean some girls are just super chill to hang around without first thoughts of sex. But I think it's those instances where the girl assigns the dude to the friend zone and dude still thinks he can get the "cheeks"

Everybody know the amazons were a myth used to propulgate the spice girls/grrl power!

Dallas Black said...

Ha, I like the "pregaming".

I agree with you. I hate when you ask a girl where she hangs out at and she goes "i dont go anywhere"...yea right!

Calibrating your GPS...HA...more like laughing at the carpet...hilarious.

Dallas Black

queenbee said...

I'm with lina, girls are emotional beings and tend to take shit hella personal...i'm cool with some girls and alot dudes too, only because i'm a cool ass female and dudes like to hang with me...

i dunno, i also feel like chicks hate on each other but sometimes when they get to know each other well they end up being cool--i've been there before

hb said...

i've always had my girls and my boys. i hung out with my boys pretty often in high school... mainly because i had the biggest crush on my best friend... and yea.. um i bagged him. and then of course there goes all the love doesn't exist depressing shit i dedicate to him after he broke my heart... lol. and he reads it everyday.

but i had my 2-3 girls that i chilled with all the time. but now that i'm in college, i have like 1-2 male friends and my (3) girls that i usually party with. yea... bros over hoes type shit for me.

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