Happy Birthday to me!

Going to the shmack party tonight solo..unfortunately, 'Omari' cancelled but left the window wide open for this weekend! hopefully I can squeeze her in during my winehousing of epic proportions!

It's like I went from a drought to a bountiful plenty of ladies...I now have txt harem at my disposal and I'm seriously thinking of "dooging a girl who want to have sex but she masks it by asking for monogamity and kicking the "relationship" off by fucking me, and asking for exclusivity. Lloyd already hit her and he dogged the shit out of herand I might do the same thing...but I honestly feel like a asshole while I'm doing it.

3/4 CT radient stars... I feel so special now!


Authentik.SupaFlai said...


Video Vix[o]n said...

happy birthday my dude. Do it up like always. Show them who you is.

Jaded said...

Happy Birthday Andre!!!!!!!!!! I love those earrings. So Flyyyyyy (singing in Slims voice).

Don't dog that girl (picture me as your wiser older sister shaking my finger at you).

Andre said...

V*Vix and SoopaDoopa y'all are so nice and stuff!

Now J*Did this girl is tlaking about me deleting numbers of girls out of my phone, and she should be the only female in there...WTF Plus off the rip, she's tryna invite herself into my B-day winehousing extravanganza, and she wants to "spend the whole weekend with me", but I'm partially to blame because I know what she wants to hear and I keep telling her

Lina said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope the lurst is fulfilled. And them diamonds are soooo sexy. XOXOXO

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...


Nice earrrrangs

Oh and if "Lloyd already hit her" --- then don't do her!!


PhlyyGirl said...

IT's DRE DAY!!!!!
Happy Birfday Fam!!!!
I hope you have plenty of gratuitous winehousing, lots of exciting jumping up and down, not to mention all the lurstiness that you can handle.

And them earrings shining mayne!!!
You better do it big.

As for ol girl, hit it and quit it. Fuck it, it's YOUR birthday and you got it like that!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

Happy birthday Mr. Andre!!

and dont eff the girl..especially if your homie did her...would you drink off a soda can your homie drunk off of?? NO. (unless your just nasty like that) so the same rule appplies to females...thou shalt not eff.

hb said...

Happy Birthday <3!!!!!!!
I know you gonna do it up!!!!!!!! :D

kmx. said...

Happy Birthday Andre!!
(Who's comments and blog posts I always look forward too...)
I don't think you should humpeth la chica because you say she mentions "relationship" and let's not give the poor girl wrong ideas!

Danielle said...

Oooo la la, gotta love diamonds!

Happy b-day :o)

A.M. said...

happy happy birthday Andre. Hope you're out having a dope time. Can't wait to see the whinehouse pics I'm sure u'll be taking lol

Mel said...

Happy birthday :)

Demiera said...

Happy (belated) birthday to youu,
you live in a zoo
you look like a wildebeast
and you smell like one too!!!

I know I'm all late with the birthday wishes which is why you got a song lol!

Hope you're having the time of your life!!!

supreme. said...

happy belated.

Anonymous said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Scorpio Boy. Take the ladies by storm. But, do it tactfully, and sparingly. You have another Birthday next year! Enjoy the day! ^-^

da.mistress said...

happy bday!!!

i need me some fly diamond studs. thanks for reminding me...
off to the jewelry store

queenbee said...

im all late because im a bad bad blogger...dont crucify me!

buuuuut, happy birthday luv, hope u enjoyed ur day and enoyed some lurstiful winehousin!

diamonds are sooo sexual btw

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