A Model Idiot

I was super nervous on my way to the casting call...I felt ridiculous and not like a model at all, I wish I woulda worn shmack but I didn't wanna seem like a douchebag... Fuck!

So I get outside the shmack factory and I call the number and go up and knock on the door. I see this cute chick and I come in and we start talking about my nervousness, how I thought it was gonna be like Janice D. and how she got to be a Shmack intern she was like

"I studied graphic design and things just worked out...

So I was like "you know who's a sick ass designer? Jeff Ward...!"

"You wanna see the design room and check out some stuff upstairs?"

Me:"Hell yeah"

So I follow her upstairs to the "inner workings" of shmack clothing and like I always say "You talk about shit, and you start to smell it" who do I run into...Jeff Ward and the founder of shmack Todd Askins... So I continue on with her, drink one of the redbulls (I don't even drink redbull, but it tasted better cause of my surroundings) and she shows me where they're working on T.I's new clothing line "Akoo"...no comment...(well, fuck that...Tip stick to rapping dog and just wear hot shit! See Shady LTD, Boushe, Derrtywear,Outkast Clothing Company, 8732, State Property, Pastry's.)

New Shmack designs for the fall/spring 2009 line (bananas)
and I ran into another intern I first met at the sample sale and saw again at the blend fashion party. She remembered my face from the party!

So I left from there feeling pretty good because I put all my eggs in this modeling basket and if it doesn't work out... look for me on craigslist under Norfolk Craigslist>Escorts>M4W only 80 roses ladies for a night with Picasso!


A.M. said...

you're looking a lot younger lately...hmmm

Andre said...

Dirnking all those placenta milkshakes did wonders for my complexion!

Demiera said...

Exciting! Seems like theres never any good modeling opportunities in Chicago. And I agree TI should stick to rappin..that includes singing too..."Whateva You Like" is hot but I hope he don't expect to keep doing that...

Good luck with that modeling!!

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

andre is muy guapo..
woot woot and good luck my love.

i wish they'd do something in ny
i would definetly audition.

Melody.Darlene said...

omg im jealous! Look at those KICKS!!

Video Vix[o]n said...

look for me on craigslist under Norfolk Craigslist>Escorts>M4W only 80 roses ladies for a night with Picasso!

lol, really? hopefully this modelin' ish work out, but if Picasso gotta get it poppin', then get ya Craiglist pimpin on. i aint mad.

kmx. said...

"Akoo" dafck?! Ah, I like T.I. and all but it seems like so many musical artists are trying to do the whole design thing...they should just stick to what they're good at, makin music!

& Good Luck with the modeling!

Muze said...

i like T.I... we'll let him do his clothing line if he wants. it's decided. lol.

good luck with the modeling!

that's a good thing that the intern remembered you, no?

Eb the Celeb said...

you have really opened up over here all these pics you have posted... I likes!

hb said...

aww! that's so cool! i hope you get casted :D

Judy D. said...

that red book bag is the business!!! shyt is hott

break a leg!

The Black Russian said...

you look very handsome in the pics... good luck with your new endeavor.. networking is always key!!!

Anonymous said...

*dead* at the possible Craiglist gig!

and placenta Milkshake? really ?? why? WWWHHYYYY???

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