A 2L;2R saturday night!

My dog smitty came out aftr a looong hiatus from going out.... I mean I missed going out with him.. He's a smoove ass dude and even though he steals girls from you while your dancing it's all to the good cause that's his thing. Plus he advanced of the Navy advancement exam so it's all to the good. So this Bey song comes on I like a lot, I hear it and I'm just like "zamn" (it's got a real hard beat, and the only lyric I know is "been locked up in the house too long") came on and we hit the dance floor like a storm. So we danced with two chicks from that, one was light, the other was dark. The dark chick was pressin the hell out of me. I didn't mind but I'm all like it's early and shit and I don't wanna just go for the first thing, cause she really was just "aight" and so was her light skinned friend but I mean I know I can do better but she had a nice body and she could move....

So I see omari in the "vip" section with some people sje came with so I start to go and say what's up and the dark skinned chick comes up behind me like "you still got a dance for me?" so we talk and exchange a little info, but I still wanna see what's up with omari... so I make it up to "vip" and this red head that apparently came with omari comes up tryna take my scarf/fuck with me, So I'm like "I'll fight you for this!"
Redhead:bring it on!

We dance and omari is clearly endorsing this girls openly slutty behavior...

so just from being with "mary jane" for a little bit I can see she's all about some andre. I kind of felt bad leaving my dog smith out there alone while I'm getting my save the last dance on, so I look down at the "regular/non-vip commonfolk" and I smiled like a proud father when I saw "smitty" with a chick badder than cocaine.

"Mary Jane" thinks her ride has left her so I let her use my phone to call them, so I hit the dance floor and with my peripherals I see the dark skinned chick from before watching my every move so I do the "come hither" and we dance and I'm like...
"Why don't you have my number yet?"
Christine or christina I don't remember: *pulls out phone* I don't know
Me: that's wack...If you can remember my name you can have my number
Christine/christina: Andre!

So I put it in her phone and she calls me right then on the dance floor (which I kinda don't like, now I see what Eb was chatting bout before in her list...)
And lo and behold "mary jane" picks up and is like "Where's andre yada yada" and christine/ christina is lookin at me like WTF! So I analyze the situation...I could

A. Go get my phone from "mary jane" and see what's up with christine/ christina... or

B. peace out on christina/ christine and most likely end up going home with "mary jane" that night or sunday afternoon and doin the booty. So I choose the later cause I'm a sucker for green eyes.

So coming out the club with "mary jane" I see smitty walking off with that same bad ass chick from before and I'm just like "that's my dog"

So I make it back to my car solo dolo ("mary jane" didn't have her keys or her phone they were all in her rides truck) and I see a infiniti truck parked next to my baby. So I walk up and lo and behold it's "smitty" and "cocaine chick".

So he hops out and she drives of after giving us a cute little wave...and my bro looks mad for some reason...
Me: what happened?

Smitty: Man all in there she's all up on me, I'd dance with other girls and shed tap me and pull me back and tell me "you can dance good" she put my hands all on her and all that. So we leave and she asks me to walk her to her car...so we get there and she tells me how she's married and her husband is deployed and after she says that.... I don't hear shit else...and she had the nerve to say "oh I'm not gone talk to you now cause you mad now huh?"

I'm hot the most about it cause I wasted my time...if we woulda just stuck with the light chick and the dark chick we prolly coulda been into something!

Me: *smiles* welcome back to the club!


kmx. said...

Ya boy Smitty had the right to smackabtch!

hb said...

t-pain's song: chopped and screwed. he's blown.
i would be too.

Jaded said...

I think the bey song is called freakum dress...that red headed girl look like a man. sorry andre :-( i think u got hosed. lmao. i kid i kid.

Video Vix[o]n said...

hot damn, aint that a bitch? ya boy got played hard.

lol @ mary jane. reminds me of that rick james song. I would have chosen B too i guess if i were in your situation. green eyes are attractive.

thats love in da club for ya.

Andre said...

Kmix: I told him that she prolly wanted to get down with the get down and he should of at least got her number to see where her head was at!


@video vix
Yeah man, I saw her the next day and her eyes really are green as shit... they look like fucking limes, and I called christina and she's all about some andre, so i'll have my cake and ice cream...chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream that is hahahahahahah...cough...ha

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

lovin the scarf

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

andre your awesome...cake AND ice cream

and cake lmfao.

Anonymous said...

Care to explain to me exactly what is with these chicks overpursing their lips like socialites with fresh collagen??? It's driving me NUTS LOLOLO from like the pics I've bee catching... like WHAT IS THIS??!??!

justbrad said...

haha.. i wish i could detail my exploits the way you do man. if i did that, i'd have a lot more readers/lookers, but less girls to get with in real life haha.. gotta keep mines on the hush

A.M. said...

hmmmmmm....i've been seeing that gurl in lots of ya pics lately :)

K. Denise said...

Lol..that's that bullshit right there..

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