Shoot your sons and chastity belt your daughter / Live on halloween!

This was my halloween costume, an arc reactor that took me stupid long to make...My dumb ass didn't have time to make a proper harness so I just went as out as a "blipster", but the arc was pretty cool though. I might actually make one properly and not rush and fuck this one up!

That boy "rell" and lloyd!

The pregame festivities!

I normally don't go to the club we went to cause it's fullo f women to old to be in this type of club and those guys who wear crushed velvet suits and burberry inspired button ups with the matching hat with some k-swiss' with baby powder all on their chest. But When in Va right?

I met this really short chocolate chick "toya" and gave her a real nice wine up, so I see lloyd shooting at her and don't think too much of it. So I ask lloyd about it
"I hit her, just tell that girl what she wants to hear and you in it."
I loooove being in the spot with the team, even times like now where I don't fluck with all the dudes we came with too-too tough, I know them as cool people from work and they fluck with lloyd, so it's all to the good.

I saw this beautiful girl when I came from the bathroom and it started with me telling her "I don't wanna seem like a duck ass dude or whatever but I just think you're beautiful..."

And it ended with her saying "I love you, call me anytime you want" biting my ear.
I met her "oMari" at 1:45 and I'm lookin at my sidey now, and it's saying 1:32 WTF for reals but seriously I feel like this could be a jacksonville pt 2. All the criteria is the same...
1: A delightfully curvy nutrasweet pixie stick of melted twizzler sunshine enchantment.
2. A hot club lettin us sweat out the pressure and stress of the week.
3. My loose spine in effect.
Could it be like at first sight?

Sweet sassamassa I had no idear I was sweating like that... I mean I was fucking drenched!"Nigga you need to stand under some ventilation!"

The only real difference is that she's here in my territory. But I think there's a strong possibility that I don't just like her, I like her like her. I had to honestly resist the urge to ask her "What's a girl you doin in a place like this?".
Anyways....I've been in this mufucka for what seems like forever. I'm wearing this really cool sweater with buttons on the shoulder blade that is like perfect for a casual movie/lunch/dinner date, and it's like two shades of grey now cause I've been letting my spine go winin pon dem gal. It's 1:45 again and last call. The crazy thing is I met "oMari" at 1:45 and I said to her "it's 1:46 and I feel like I've been in here forever!" little did I know that time hadn't went back yet. And they're saying that they close in a hour. There's nothing but those "last call dregs" on the dance floor looking like the unstirred up kool aid at the bottom of the jug.
It's not a party till a fight almost breaks out in a 7-11! Chickenheads assemble!!!!
This one chick knocks bumps into my dog "rell" and drops her redbull and starts poppin off! He mushes her and we barely contain a "chickenhead barrage".
I'm spouting my pro mccain propaganda and these girls are just goin crazy... it's like girl world following the rules of the jungle in there. Call me crazy but I've got a little bit of liquor in me and I wanna see these girls scrap. Now a toy cop police officer is escorting the two girls who are about to get beat up by that mob to thier car.

We get back to the crib and these five girls come through so lloyd and "rell" go scraight to the rooms with their two chicks and the three others are in the living room with me and my dog "Will". They're bellyaching about they wanna go home and blah blah blah. One of 'em was vibing with me and we exchanged #'s, but the other two were all about some cockblockin', goin back to the room, knocking on the doors. Now they live like a good 45 minutes away. So I'd kinda be hot about that too, but I wouldn't fuck up the coochie. So lloyds girl, the driver comes out and tells them "I'm tryna get fucked tonight, if I was ridin' with y'all I'd wait!"
Not very classy but real as fuck!

So eventually they wore the driver down and she and 'rell's girl left without getting what they came for

4:07 finally layin down to sleep after 5 hours in the damn jungle!

The glasses kinda hide my the windows to my lurstful heart, but you can see the lurst burning in my dog lloyd's eyes!

I found a ten dollar bill while we were leaving out the club! That deserves the cheese!


Demiera said...

Nice smile!

I'm mad girls be cockblockin like that...just let the girls handle their biz, I mean if I'm getting a ride from someone I'm just happy to be getting a ride, I'd have no complaints.

As usual, you sound like you were out having the time of your life!! I need to be partying on YOUR level!

Andre said...

thank you!
I guess they were hot because they drove out like 45 minutes to the club and that shit was boo boo. and they can't drink in the club and they say they don't dance so I guess they just pay money to be in that piece!
still no excuse.
Get outta here I know you and your super sexy BFF tear it up!

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

i loveeeeee the iron man thingy thing thing
im such a loser but its hella cool

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

i loveeeeee the iron man thingy thing thing
im such a loser but its hella cool

Jaded said...

See. I gottabe honest andre. why your pictures don't never go with your stories lol? Like you say you have on a costume in that first pic. I see you standing under a light bulb.

Then you got on they gray shirt in half the pics...and them a scarf with a white shirt (with a pinkish hue).

Despite the discrepancies (lol) it still looked like you had a blast. hey. You know my sorority sister Robyn? She's in the navy stationed in VA. lol. Thats random.

Andre said...

@soopa soup
No loser at all, it it pretty cool, all stunts aside.

and Jaded how dare you cross examine me miss missy!!! I see nothing gets past you... But "ahhhh broham" you are mmistaken and overlookenith! I didn't have anything to secure it to my chest with other than the wires itself, and with me jiggin and movin in the club the solder wouildn't of held them together. Friday was the "blipster" with the palestinian scarf...and saturday night was the grey shirt...

oh yeah I know robyn, kinda tall kinda short, light skinned, kinda brown skinned...how's she doin?

iCandy21 said...

there is NO reason you were sweating like that! NONE!! lmao...I remember the last time I went to the club and there were dudes sweating like you were in those pics...I went the fuck off when one of them brushed past me...eww it makes me cringe at the thought lol...the wetness i felt on my arm...ahhhh no. plz don't sweat like that in the club no more Andre...for me lol...do it for me!!

justbrad said...

that girl at the way top is real fine man.

queenbee said...

Last pic wit $10 is soooooo adorable!

Dallas Black said...

Man, light skin shawty can DEF get it too. If that dont work out, drop her off at the nearest airport and txt me.

Yea you were sweatin like LL man...but eh shit happens.

Looks like a fat ass party...im laughin at "scraight to the room"...foolio.

Looks like fun dude....glad you didnt have to check yo GPS this time.

Dallas Black

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

explain this...

pro mccain propaganda

Video Vix[o]n said...

that $10 cheese is classic.

@ Demiera: girls be cockblockin' hard, especially when they know their friend is getting some and they aren't. sad really, i guess.

that Omari girl looks cute. hope you make something happen with that.

that sweat was a little OD, you might of wanted to bust a short sleeve.

SweetHunniTeah said...

i see the scarf you're talkin about!! nice job reppin!! lol

love the blog!

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