Shmack Model Casting Call for Fashion Show!

From: Mikasa La'Charles
To: Nestle Snipes
Subject: RE: Shmack Model Casting Call for Fashion Show!
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 10:03:31 -0500


Thank you for your interest in the fashion show! Please come to our
casting call today from 5-7pm at 520 Viking Dr, Virginia Beach, VA

Once you are outside please call 757 555 1366 so that we can let you
into the building.



It may be automated or whatever but I'm on my way there now and I feel so nervous...I remember being home watching Janice Dickenson Modeling marathons with my homegirl and after about 4 solid hours I said to her...

Me: *gleam in my eye as I see myself in some Aussiebums, or Polo* you know I think I could be a model!

Yeah! you do have some real pretty hands and feet for a guy...

Me: *feeling like cold water has been dashed on me* "I meant like a real model asshole!"

Look at them and look at you... you could be a model for nastyman gear


Jaded said...

Yay! Good luck. If anything talk in a funny accent. Models always have funny accents. Trust me on this.

Andre said...

I used "blue steel" and I think that's what's gonna make the difference!

A.M. said...

LOL ya friend is mean. I'm like that too. Every time I watch a movie or something, I wanna be whatever the main character is. It's retarded on my behalf lol

Andre said...

I saw Pulp Fiction and wanted to wear suits all the time...don't feel bad!

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