All the hipsters love N*E*R*D / Centure 22

So the clouds become dark and the sky becomes blue and n*e*r*d hits the stage! They came and ripped it with "anti matter" and mufuckas lost their damn minds...crowdsurfing, skanking all that. I man I'd be taking pictures and just get kicked in the head by some mufucka crowd surfing. I saw this one chick just get dropped...hard. So pharrell saw it too and he was like "yo..I don't care how drunk you are, but when you got somebody crowdsurfing you hold them the fuck up!"

All in all it was a cool ass show...I shoulda went to the after party but I met up with my light skinned homeboy "J-wiggla" who has turned into a full blown "blipster", from the blazers to the buddy holly glasses. We went to ihop and they handed out Centure 22 t-shirts. J Wiggla and his cuz started a exclusive collection called "centure 22" it's pretty dope, and from talking to them about it, they don't want it to be a clothing line more of a lifestyle brand. So yeah... check it out www.centurexxii.com

I found out super late about the launch party at commonwealth of "play cloths" the clipse's foray into high end street couture. So I check up on it online and find out it starts at 8. So that to me means fallin off in there at like 9, 9:30. My light skinned bro J calls me as I'm like 2 blocks away and is like "you see this line outside? I'm not fucking with this shit"

I mean the line outside that shit wasn't that that long but it was cold as fuck and that wind was bitin out there..I mean it's the kinda cold you could be talking to someone and step out into it, and forget what you were talkin about!

So we go to ihop again and I talk fashion with his cousin evrything from creating a symbol, to PF Flyers.

So we leave and I ride past commonwealth and see no line so I pop in. It's like "hipsters, blipsters and whipsters oh my" in there. So I talk with a few people and check out "play cloths" which is dope BTW and I turn my head and see Pusha T, Shae and Famlay. Now I'm no groupie ass star struck dude or whatever but I fuck with these dudes shit and it's crazy to see them... I told JP that and her jaded mark ass said "Umm...welcome 2 Va. If its not one of thm, it Angel Lola Luv's @ss somewhere."

All in all a pretty cool night.


A.M. said...

yo can I come where you are...because u always seem to be having a good time. I love skate board P...he can get it.lol

hb said...

because i want to see NERD.
and i'm not a hipster.
GRR i didnt even read, i just looked at the pics like OMFG OMFG x_x

p.s. i dont really hate you :P

justbrad said...

damn. thats definitely whats up.. catchin n.e.r.d. and meetin up with the clipse.. i would definitely trade places for the weekend lol.. no matter which girls i was with.

Melody.Darlene said...

wtf? im jealous!


god damn! Pharrell AND Neptunes in one night...lol, lucky muthafucka here. and lemme ask you have you seen Angel up where you're at??

does your friend have a website or sumthin promoting that Century22? and last question, what kinda camera you be using?

PhlyyGirl said...

Damnnnnnn. I love n.e.r.d shows. You could have warned a chick or something!!!!!
ROFL@ them dropping that girl while she was crowdsurfing. That is why I will NEVER!

THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

hott diggity damn.
im jelly.

ASia Dee
ps- how ya been long time no....

Anonymous said...

Seriously, thats too much fun to be had, by one person. Good thing, you had peoples, to spread the love with. Keep having fun!

kmx. said...

You always goin to some cool sht! I wanna be like you when I'm older lols. Ahh glad you had a great time though! & Your even more coolbeans for sharin all your funcapades with uss. The J dude's jeans are smoovee.

Andre said...

trust you don't wanna be in wack ass VA, all there is to do here is cook!

I'd say you're a lil hipster-ish...LOL

@Just B
Man that mufucka didn't even look into the camera, he made me feel like some groupie ass dude...

yeah it's centurexxii.com
Honestly I didn't even know who angel was until that night, after I got the txt I googled her name and found out she was some sort of video chick... and as far as a camera, I used to use a sony 7.2 MP cybershot, but these were taken with this Nikon s50 which I call the "ashton kutcher" even though its far from it!

You know if I didn't have so much shit in my pockets I would've went up, because mufuckas who made it to the front were scrambling on the stage and shit.

@the 1

You should be jelly!

@ fluffs
I'll try but this cold is kicking my ass...

Yeah his jeans apparently say "faq" which is liek "fuck u" so yeah...but honestly I wasn't to crazy about the jeans myself...

Jaded said...

Hey. I know that guy at the end...thats sound that sounds like banging trash cans together. griding. he sings that. he has a twin. right?!?

look at you. such a celeb.

Dope Fiend said...

hipsters, blipsters and whipsters oh my" wasss dat? teach me ur lingo!

im terribly sad i missed the nerd concert out here....i was working. =D looked like it was a good night!

ps. u bin tagged.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

damn im so jealous...i didnt get to see n.e.r.d in concert when they were here back in october...freakin jealous right now man because its quite evident you had a jolly ass happy go lucky crowdsurfing time lol

Mercy said...

i love n.e.r.d...they were in va?? where at? what part u in???

i wanna see n.e.r.d!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

OK-K-K... I see you living the life

K. Denise said...

True. NERD shows are the shit & Ive heard nothing but good things about Play Cloths

Judy D. said...

cut yr nails.

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