Can black people even get s.a.r.s?

Dope Fiend tagged me and since I rarely talk about the bad times, because they're just that...bad times. But right now things aren't coming up milhouse...

I've been systematically destroying my body on the weekends. Since my birthday I have been out every weekend. I mean I'll say to myself that "I'm just gonna geek out and catch up on sleep." But I'll get a txt like "what's up for tonight/ what are we doing tonight" and since I hate feeling like I'm missing out, I'm in there like swimwear...and because I get winehoused and walk out of the club into the cold shooting at chicks...

I'm sick as shit and it sucks because this is the avian flu/s.a.r.s/avian flu/mono? that I have been dodging since this summer while all my friends had the sniffles, and it came for my ass with the resurrection! I'm over medicating myself with mucinex and sudafed but that 12 and 5 hour relief it provides doesn't help much because...

I've lost my voice...I mean I like losing my voice to a certain extent cause like Phoebe Buffet I think it makes my voice the male version of sultry. But it's kinda gettin in the way because I can't sing along with my fave artists!

I've been doing a lot of phone boning and it's driving me crazy cause I wanna jump up and down! I mean I probably could, but I'm sick and since I'm old school and still consider making out (am I wack for calling it that) foreplay, I'd feel hella bad kissing a gal spreading my cooties. So all I do is sleep to get better after I get off and that sucks cause...

I have to brave cold virginia wintery-ness to go out and steal internet to get online and peruse blogs and I'm shocked I mean a certainvery random blasian girl is going wild out west, there's anarchy in girl world, J*did is gonna be a working stiff, busting centuries and shit, london gals think guys who superman phone booth outta their clothes to get the cookie are wack...

But on the bright side I finally got my stimulus check, and I'm working on another erotic fiction, and this water drinking and using milk and honey on my hair has got my hair feeling resplendant.


Video Vix[o]n said...

damn, that sounds messed up dog. sars? i feel the same way when parties are going on, but being sick is a bitch.

that pheobe buffet voice? lol.

feel better man.

Dope Fiend said...

"it came for my ass with the resurrection!"

Hhahaha i love the lines you come up with!

but really tho sars....CAN black peopel get sars? no really....noo e in answering the question.

i love it when i get a cold too coz i get the sexy voice. it wierd coz when i sing cold or not my voice is all sultry but hwne i speak....SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK! not sexy!

Speaking of sexy...i saw erotic fiction..Hook a single lady UP! hahaha...no but seriously tho...let me do some reading

Andre said...

@video vix
I just hate hearing the party night rundown and those fateful words
You shoulda been there!!!

I have the singing voice of an angel...but my talking voice sounds unauthorative when I'm sick....
so yeah I'll put it up for y'alls scrutiny

Jaded said...

lmao! I am going to be a working stiff....but I GOT IT!!! (the answer to your 4play making out not wanting to spread germs thing).

Heres what you do. Go to CVS, buy some Zicam (it PREVENTS colds and they have liquid, pills, nose swabs, and nose snort)go to the girl house. Do your thing. Before you leave tell her to make sure she starts taking the zicam.

There. Problem. solved. :-)

you can thank me later.

Demiera said...

Awww shit SARS is affectin black people now? Run for cover everyone!!! Lol...

Im so sorry to hear you're sick...drink lots of orange juice and pop some of those Halls Vitamin C drops. And if u wanna jump with that girl, in addition to Jaded's advice, give her that Vitamin C. It works really well at preventing sickness.

And I hate the "you shoulda been there" feeling too, though its so boring out here I've gotten used to it.

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

"you shoulda been there"
comments make me want to scream.

now im remembering how many parties
i should have been to.

no bueno.

A.M. said...

Ur too silly. Sorry you aren't feeling well. That's sucky.
And does the milk and honey really work in your hair?

Dallas Black said...

You definitely need to relax my friend...get some rest so you can "go up and down" even harder..lol

Feel better dude and detox for a minute so you can hit that Vodka even harder...

Dallas Black

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