I leave this evening!!!

I'm pretty excited to be seeing my grandparents and the rest of my family...But I also can't wait to see what that nightlife is gonna be like ( D.pe Fiend I'm gonna need you to tell me what's poppin on the weekends in vauxhall/brixton!)

Wish me luck y'all, hope to run into...

See y'all on the other side of the pond


Authentik.SupaFlai said...

ahhhhhh lucky you!
i would love to sneak into the cargo department to go with you lol

have fun!

kmx. said...

London is the shiz!
I wish I could go again...
Have fun! And if
I don't speak to you before then..
Merry Christmas!!! =)

Oh, and if you do see either one tell them kmX said "sup!" lol.

Andre said...

Almost missed my flight taxing now...miss y'all and see y'all in a lil bit...
I'll tell em to stop in NY
Well probably be to lost in lurst but I'll try and remember!

Mel said...

Have fun!!!!!

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

oh yessireebob..have sh*t loads of fun. Make sure you run into Carrie Mundane, Lily Allen and the amazing Ms. Winehouse and tell her about all of your winehousing you did in the states.

Video Vix[o]n said...

you betta get at them two if you see them over there. and tell the Queen what up for me, you know how she get down.

A.M. said...

Aww man. Have major fun in da u.k. Boo
Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories when you get back.

hb said...

if you run into kesh make sure to get a pic! that would be cool! :)

Merry Christmas!

Jaded said...

Awesome. Be safe. Give dope Fiend dap for me!

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