Am I just a "weekend *i***"

It's a vicious cycle... One wants to be my girlfriend and I'll tell her what she wants to hear all the while I want another but the other is with some duck ass blow pop dude who lets her go out every weekend and do whatever she pleases like she doesn't look good out here, and theres not guys like me out here!

Normally I'm not one to Dr.Phil with these girls out here (I'm lying, I kind of enjoy phone boning, it's all part of the hunt which I love) but she'll be venting about how he pisses all over the toilet seat and won't wash out the tub when he's done and about his dick... (I'm not gonna front like I'm a jake steed or anything but I've been told I've got a pretty big dick, so when we first 69'd she was kinda like in awe of how the piercing would feel and when we danced she was all about feeling it, so when we finally did jump up and down she was all like "I felt opened up, and I was so used to his size and when me and my BF did get going it would most likely pop out.")

Now I feel like that dude hearing this but even though it's good to hear I know she'll never stop fucking with dude no matter how good my penis is, and as much as I hate it, my homegirl was right, I'm just a "weekend nigga".

I'm witty and have been told I'm funny, I look fresh and am well put together when she sees me, I always smell like Lacoste Red, Sex Panther or John Paul Gaultier, I can dance, and I'm cool as fuck to be around... my homegirl says "You're like a weekend in vegas, you wanna go there once in awhile have a good time and get crazy but you don't wanna live there!"



demiera said...

First of all...you DIDN'T disappear off the face of the earth! Yay!!!! I was feelin pretty upset at your BRB post...but moving on...

From what I see on your blog, you are EVERY ONE of those good things you said you are and much more. You can afford to be selective. A girl who cant give you all 7 days don't deserve you, no matter how many good things she say about tha d!

And damn @ that weekend in las vegas comparison. That was kinda rough...

Brown Butterfly said...

Nice blog, first off. Second off...I know the feeling, my dude. You know that you are better...so much better...than the person's significant other..and you're feeling the hell outta them...and you know they're feeling the hell outta you...but they're with that one over there...

And so the story goes.

You know what you deserve, but it's easier said than done. Diverting your attention elsewhere is tough, especially when the other options aren't looking as good.:/

Good luck with that, family...

Jaded said...

See your back. :-)

So...wait...are you saying you have the same trouble as females (lol the whole I can't make her my wife cause she's a bad girl syndrome?) That's...awesome.

No totally not. I know what you can do though. Stop "effing" the girl with the bf. There's this saying about getting the milk for free so fuck buying the cow.

Hold a "d" moratorium. This is what is told to women when they have your problem.

Video Vix[o]n said...

wow, i feel like that sometimes.

@ brown butterfly; aint that the

i had to really question why some of the girls i chilled with actually liked me. i personally didn't do anything to excite them (unless my flirt game was on and i didn't know it).

gotta cut that cycle man; believe me, it feels good, but that shit gonna get crazy after a while and may be too much to handle, then again, you might be able to. who knows.

make something happen, man. nobody wants to be "that" nigga.

Lina said...

The greatest mystery in life is that we always tend to want the ones that don't want us. Shake it off, unless you like being the weekend nigga. Cause personally I think your the shit...but I'm one woman.

hb said...

YOU BETTER STAY, NUCCA! < /end Unforgivable Voice here >

so do you actually want a girlfriend?

and wow you have a piercing? did it hurt? x_x

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

i agree with hb...piercing? ouch much.

but yea uhmm i'd date you,
come to NY and we'll cruise the world gator boots and pearls lmfao

nah, but blah leave her alone. and find you a honey with no strings attached.

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Piercing WHERE exactly?


sounds like you are her weekend nikkkkkaaaaaa. Oouch

Andre said...

@Miss D
Yeah I came back liek 14 to 28!

The weekend in Vegas wasn't too bad because it's kinda true, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear!

First off thank you...
2ndly I'll need all the luck I can get!

Like cooked crack!
I say this all the time, I don't give a fuck about a girls rep, as long as she's not burning, I could care less... and stop effing her? thats madness, hold a D moratorium? J*D you is something else...

@Double V
That game is hard to turn off sometimes you know?

I do like it hot, but I mean I wanna play it how it goes because there's nothing better than being out with a bad broad and it feels even better knowing she's got another and she's with me!
Call me a dog but that's just how I feel!

It's like that and it sucks that it is...But being the weekend nigga feels real good until she goes home to her duck ass BF!

I want to!!!
and I do want a GF, very bad actually, but I'm not going to settle for less. You kna mean?

Waking up in the morning I had to put a towel down, so I didn't stain my sheets! and like a fool I tried to jump with it 2 weeks afterwards... Just putting on the condom hurt like a mufucka!
@Super Duper Flai
You'd be the envy of all women! LOL
But unattached sexy non crazy stylish honey dips are so hard to find! It's like they only exist in the blogosphere!

@Brown Chicken brown cow
On the tip, it goes through the pee hole and out through the underside...

Authentik.SupaFlai said...

It's like they only exist in the blogosphere!

priceless lol

Kandi Black said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kandi Black said...

oh andre...the las vegas comparison...like, honestly?

i say, you either continue to bang the chick and try to leave your feelings out of it...or...you tell that broad to run her happy ass back to her man. i mean, why would she continue to stay with somebody that she's clearly unsatisfied with and be out creeping?....but i aint even gone front...i have done it too...so maybe my advice is meaningless...

oh well, i digs the picture and i aint know you had your junk peirced...hmmm...me like...lol

kmx. said...

Zayum, that must be hard to deal with. I would love a kid my age that was as fresh, comical, & fresco as you! The one's that come close are seen as brother-type...you know how that goes... it's like lookin @ my brother...but anywho yeah if a chic can't see that...then she ain't worthy of ya! Point blank.

There's other chics out there who will appreciate you for the cool ass dude you are. & Homegirl can take a hike back to her centimeter havin penis BF. =]

K. Denise said...

Wow so I'm mad I was in the same situation kind of...hasn't everybody been at least once though?

The dude I was talking to had a girl but he was on some 'we're broken up' shit when clearly she had a diff. view of the whole thing. I didn't really care actually because that's all I really kept him around for.

....I just thought of 2 other things....man do we need to talk lol.

Dope Fiend said...

Im with Jaded....ALLOW the chick with the dude. shit will come to bit you in your ass, Karma is a fugly bitch if I ever met one!

And the other one, allow her too, if she's second best then save her and yourself the trouble, you'll always be wanting something more, and she'll always have sumfing missing.

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

Tell me why...
this blog entry is mad deep...
dude...you are compared to vegas...
take that shit as a compliment until ... Mrs. Andre appears!

Video Vix[o]n said...

yeah... you right. I can't front. smh. the downs of having shame in the game.

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