A right proper dinah

It really felt good to be around family....and speaking in my LDN accent... I was shocked and hurt and appaled to find out that my 19 cousin is pregnant again, and that I have a cousin who is a gonna grow up to be a.....'light skinned boy'


My grandmother is 80 years old and cooler than a box fan. Maybe it's cause shes a scorpio that's why we get along so well? I mean she still tells me to 'make sure I'm wearing my boots when I'm in the rain' and how ' LDN girls will tell you they like you and not tell you they have a boyfriend to set you up' and she swore up and down I was gonna get robbed for my Shmack snakeskin back pack


kmx. said...

Lol @ the "light skinned boy".
I'm w/ gpa bout the backpack...foreigners can spot an American a mile away. I remember being in London and watching this guy getting pickpocketed. And another guy comin close to it, but he realized it before the jacked him.

Looks like you had a good time! Tha bag is hotness!!

A.M. said...

owww...the food looks banging. Being around family is alwas great..Glad u had an awesome christmas
cool ass bagpack

justbrad said...

yo man, whats good in the blogsophere.. just caught up to ur blog again while at work, i didn't realize that you were in londontown.. i could of got you in touch with my cousins who would have shown you a "proper" time, instead of those rubbish clubs you explained.. ill be back over there in the summer. i know all too well what you mean about the funkyhouse music being tough to dance to haha.. i ran into that same problem when i was out.. but the real electronica i get down with :)

Anonymous said...

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