The debauch comes home

My facebooky status now says Andre is officially in Atlanta and heading to pink pony 2! I'm back in the east atlanta 6....it's a bittersweet feeling though...anyways, my ultimate goal is to make it to London (vauxhall to be exact) and hopefully things go my way so yeah....

Anyways I went to the pony and eat sushi, jen bear put me on this "dancer" Star. Body like a shotgun and cuter than a lil bit..she told me to come and see her tommorow, I don't know if that's just like see her as in pay for her or see her as in talk to her while she's not dancing... after that we went to a spot downtown Social, jen bear knows the owners...it's a nice lil date spot/resto. I ate grilled calamari and had a very tasty mojito before we went to Earls in the village and just drank and chilled... came home tipsy but on point and said hey to samantha the dog (who I've been with since she was a puppy in like 2001/2000; and I habve no problem at all saying I love you to her, because dogs love so unconditionally and pure) talked to momsy before I retired for the night....so if there's any debauch to be had this weekend counts me in and I'll be out and about and around errwhere but if y'all know the what's ups and the what's nots let me know!
They say that zip code 30316 (the village) sells the most PBR in the united states! I learned that from a Jameson's whisky girl!


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

pabot blue ribbon!!! that reminds me of my dad!


THE 0NE THEY AiNT USED T0. said...

Well, glad you had fun,
and I hope you DO maske it to London.

How was that visit witcho mama?

Paix, Asia Dee

Andre said...

I can't believe I left that out...but it's like my mom knows how to ride my frickin nerver for reals...like I'm kinda wishin I was back in va! But I know she only torments because she cares...

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