but it's like my life has turned into a kaleidoscope of sorts...Not really but, I tend to impose a lot of undue stress on myself. My lurst is quenched, I've got a few girls who are all about some andre, my friends are well, I finally gave up drunk driving for reals this time (There's been times I would just be amazed that I made it home safe!)

Say all that to say this..I'm gonna take a lil' hiatus to live some life and filter out the bullshit and just leave that hot fish grease....

So this is what hot in the screets now huh?


hb said...

but you will be back right?....right?

and lol they look so dumb. x_x

A.M. said...

please don't leave me Andre lol

gosh I feel like everyone hasn't really been feelin' blogging lately. But n e how, those white girls need to stop ASAP.

Hope to see you around soooon :)

Jaded said...


Video Vix[o]n said...

really? made a dance based off the movie. hip-hop needs to BRB, not you man.

but have a good hiatus and say hi hatas (guess that rhymed). come back to b-sphere soon.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

got daggit, be back soon.

Dallas Black said...

Dont go too far homie...the game needs ya!

Oh and the girls...univ of north texas...like 20 min north of me...they are only good for one thing...anyways...

hit ya soon homie

Dallas Black

Dope Fiend said...

nooooo dont leave meeee!!! I NEEEEDS U!!!



enjoy ur bsphere get away!
come back with greatness, i is a waiting on u

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