makin' me cum!

Would you prefer the lump sum on the mid month pay period or partial now?

Me:*fuck do you think number man* partial please.

you should receive partial payment on monday and after that your pay will fluctuate slightly...

Me:*fluctuate!!!?? the fuck!*
..for the positive!

*audible and visual relief*

so fuck this getting vulnerable shit...and back to hiding my pain with sarcasm and biting criticism, back to what I love writing about...Lurst,winehousing,fast women, trying/succeeding, sarcastic commentary and humorous observations! All made possible by the universal lubricant...


Rich said...

i haven't read enough of your work to get this one. the title leads me in one direction, but the verbiage in another.

PhlyyGirl said...

LOL@ Rich.
It's a rick ross song hun.

OWWWWW, watch out slores. DRE is back to pimpin, pimpin!!!!!

Lol@ "Me:*fluctuate!!!?? the fuck!*
..for the positive!

*audible and visual relief*"

Glad your money is right.
Now I just gotta go and rob a bank and we can all ball outta control this weekend.

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