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Being at work from 6am to 3:30pm can really suck. Normally we would have breakfast, lunch and dinner served onboard, but we don't. So the few options are to..
1. Go to the roach coach (expensive and not filling)
2. Go to the greasy spoon (kinda filling but a looong walk)
3. Bring a lunch
4. Thug it out and drink water and air sandwiches
5. Spend hella money tryna get full out of the vending machine.

Me, I've got like a surplus of goodies! Wif crunchy peanut butter, Zuckers blackberry preserves, cheese it's snacks , brambells chunky style soup, and my favorite: Hint of lime tostitos and medium salsa.

So there I was enjoying my salsa and chips, and this clear guy who works in my department comes in with this stupid look on his face and grimy hands ready to besmirch my chips and is all like...

Dickhead Jones: *eyes my bag and salsa hungrily* Hint of Lime? I've never seen those before?

Me: oh yeah... *subtly moves bag to other side of body while continuing to eat and dip*

D.J.: So are they like really limey? Can you like taste it?

I saw where this conversation was going so I just rolled up the bag and put my tasty treats up. I would've said nah if he asked but the look on his face as I rolled that bag up : Priceless. It really grinds my gears when people I don't fuck with too tough try to imply that they want something or to use something of mine through a series of requestions. I'm not really a stingy or ungenerous person at tall, but don't try to bamboozle me outta my shit.

Anyways focusing on classes, halloween (building my arc reactor, I'm gonna be Ghostface, get it?) and my upcoming birthday (11/7 y'all) weekend trip to either DC(What's the what's up and the what's nots up there) or Richmond. (I heard you gotta go at the right time, is it even jumpin up there now?) Has got my lurstful heart on the backburner! But it has made me have an epiphany though. When I'm in a drought and I've got desert dick, I start wishing like damn I wish I wouldn't of said/did _______ and I start thinking about all the girls that wanted a relationship after we jumped up and down, and then when they asked me scraight up what I was looking for/where this was going. I told them the truth :( and they peaced me out. It's times like that where I'd love to be BF GF with girls. Now on the flipside when I'm "That dude" and I've got multiple options, and my sidee stays buzzin with "Wht U doin" txts, I'm draggin' ass at work from mr. nasty time the night before. A GF would only be a ball and chain or like give me the mindset to be all like "hey, if nothing shakes with her I've got a GF who's so ready..." which is kinda bad, but kinda true.


hb said...

ha. when i'm at work i just fill up on coffee. :/

Lina said...

"Dont try to bamboozle me outta my shit." Hilarious!!!!

Now you can't have your cake and eat it too (actually you could if you wanted to, but for the sake of morals)...you either gotta take having ya dick on vacation, or the ball and chain.

A.M. said...

no you are greedy.lmao..u couldn't let him taste one lime chip andre?

If it were me, would u give me a lime chip? I dunno lol

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

you are a silly mo fo

queenbee said...

come to dc!!!!! we can party together

Andre said...

Coffee = yucky!!!

I know but my eyes are so big, it almost seems like enough is never is enough! That is so terrible

It's not about the chips, it's the fact that I really don't fuck with dude too much and he tried to resort to trickery to obtain some tasty treats.

But yeah, I'm a sucker for pretty gals :P so I'd porbably offer you the lime dust of my fingers too!

It really depends on my homeboy, cause going all these places sounds good but I don't wanna be rollin dolo and be lonely as hell on my birthday1

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