The tentative plan

-First off I thought Demiera's "Hell i would stunt on myself if I could." Would be the feel good quote of the year... I mean that's up there with "These pretzels are making me thirsty" But it has been dethroned by "the girl not worth blogging about" with her profoundly profound

"I would know if I had one, you trippin'."

-Tonight I'm introducing Arychtexas and his wife back into the jungle that is these clubs!
Her friends came down from Kalamazoo and she says they don't get down for the get down...

-Is it stealing if you tell somebody you're gonna take it? I did that with "the girl not worth blogging about" now I'm the proud owner of this really bitchin' wooden bracelet...(pics soon to come)

-I don't have a girl to stunt with tommorow and that may be for the best cause this weekend should be very interesting...lloyds throwing a scrip party with #4 next door, everybody is coming over to celebrate my co-goddaughters three year birthday spectacular!!!
then going out to do the partying she'll be doing in 18 more years!


The Black Russian said...

lol you don't need a girl to stunt with just party.. if u had one with you...you may miss out on meeting something better lol that was bad of me lol.... have a good weekend you goddaughter is adorable

Demiera said...

Dethroned?? Weeaaaakkk...I don't agree with this lol... I demand a recount!!!

And look at the cute baby!!! Awwwww

Dallas Black said...

Yea, dont bring sand to the seashore.

And urrr, make sure the kiddo gets to sleep before you start creepin...hehe

Have fun mane...

Dallas Black

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