Live action saturday night blog

Blogging live from granby street, in semi real time...

Damn I can't believe it...I'm crossing a lil street and walking behind a car turning left. So I come out from behind the car cautiously and cross, when I see this silver avalon or accord making this high speed left turn about to hit me! I wish I could describe in words how cool the jump I did to evade that car was! I mean if I hadn't of jumped like I did...this and future posts would just be notes in my sidekick. So after I land and the driver screams "sorry", I turn to this dude who was walking behind me and I'm like "did you see that shit?!?"
Dude bro: oh wow man I can't believe that shit, you like jumped over that car!
Me: that shit was crazy right!
I need a GF..and not just as a home base to be able to have a air about myself that's says to girls I talk to on the side "I don't need to fuck you, I've got a chick at home....so I could take it or leave it toots!"
I'm talkin certified GF material , she could be kinda slutty, cause I'm no angel my damn self, I don't think she could be under 21, so that rules out Puerto Rico and the "girl not worth blogging about" who's 18 and talkin to me about spending the weekend and not being scared of dick and stuff to me on the phone, and I don't even know her name! I never saved it in my phone. I think it rhymes with a female body part or household item?

I'm at this dead ass night club about to go to anther one in search of this..and kickin myself on the way there alone with my thoughts about all the girls I kinda turned my nose up at who really wanted to build something... I mean I'm a non traditional - traditionally semi attractive dude and I'm cool and I've got a wit sharper than a rapier! So I can be kinda picky with who I want to be with to a certain extent...
A swat team of bad hoes just walked in 23:36, paused to pose like they just hopped off of the next bus. The one in the AA liquid leggings has got these other hoes in here hatin! I'm secretly hoping that one of the girls is "jazzy girl" and I can tell her how I've grown since cinco de mayo!
No such luck!

The birthday girl is in the boxing ring of the club and her team is working the floor, all eyes on them type shit.

Anyways... while I was laughing at some girl in a scrunch skirt who looked like a sucked on sweet tart or like a damn speed bag. One of the bad chicks team members fell on the dance floor.

So yeah I mean I'm gonna have to find a GF or die y'all. I just got a members only leather jacket (which I manifested) and I wanna drape it around a girls shoulders so she can inhale the vintage smell of rich mahogany leather. I want a girl to eat kiwi and seedless grapes with after we quench our lurst. I ruled out tundra this g freak that Lloyd and numerous others have ran up in...but just kinda ruled her out though cause her baby angel face hides "that christina ricci, chain me to the radiator itch".
If I get drunk enough tonight I'm gonna dig through the trash can with the late night apologies and promises. Prolly not though, I'm still me and I've got my dignity. Seeing this birthday squad of broads, makes me think, I've gotta do it ginormagantuan for my birthday (Nov.7). I'm talking house party 6 big!
I'm outta here.
This next spot is full of philipinos and trendy AZN's..I did pull a tall "clear girl" with my hot dance moves by the bathroom though. She turned 27 today and we made out a lil bit. Do people even still call it makin out anymore?

I hate this fucking Get Crazy song 0:08 and they play that knocked up song that I never knew was a song..."Shwiiiiinng oh shit there she go she shake it like egyptian" 0:18 I remember seeing that seen in knocked up and thinking, I wonder what wack ass nigga made this song for the movie!

Jaguar paw txtd me and she is in this club I was in earlier tonight. Even though I'm tired of dancing with AZN's here, I don't wanna go back over there.
I hate dancing with girls who can't stay on beat and wanna do their own thing. I call it doin too much! Should I get off beat and try and enjoy the dance to their strange between the groove rhythm, or just keep jigging on beat while missing out on her offbeat asian ass? Or just turn her face to face and hold her still put that meat on her and give her a whine up? Dancing should look fluid and mellifluous to onlookers I believe, that's why I use my thorax whn I dance. The few times I danced with JP she was good for doing too much sometimes and that sucks. If I was with my squad here tonight, I would just dance with this AZN for a second then just walk away from her.
The clubs letting out and no after club fuckery.
I'm just gonna go back to my car, I've got some calls to make and I need to focus on nothing but driving home.
Home. Safe and un-DUI-ed...even though I promised myself I wouldn't ever DWI after that sep 11,2005 wake up call! Shit happens.


Dallas Black said...

Dont feel bad, you aint the only one homie. We go through phases and I laugh at the PR chick talking about "dick" on the phone...been there. I am like...ummmm...sooo...what you wanna do?

But yea, its the ones we discount that are the gems and the ones we want have more issues than us. So go with the flow and you will end up going "up and down" as I coined it from you on the one and only one.....eventually.

Until then, watch out for them Avalons, still can kill a homie. Fuckers! V6, no interior, tape player havin fuckin Avalons....

Big ups.

Dallas Black

Dallas Black said...

Ooh I forgot to say...FIRST!

Now I am officially a groupie and NO I aint takin off my draws...damn.


Jaded said...

Dear Hot fish grease,
How is it that you are in Virginia yet a whole 24 hours ahead? I kid I kid. I like this "live from the club post"...

Hey, did you try to talk to anyone? If so tell us.

If you want I can hook you up with my cousin...she's a clear girl. Is that ok?

And her dad (my uncle) was in the Navy so y'all will have something to bond over.

Let me know.

Why arer you back from the club at 1:55am? Unacceptable, if you ever find yourself in CT holla. I'll show you how to stay out until at LEAST 2:30 (lol)

Andre said...

@dallas B.
Well it wasn't PR chick talkin like that, it's this chick from myspace who's not really worth blogging about except for the fact that she looks like rudy huxtable a little bit.Last time I talked to PR chick she had some duck ass dude she was supposed to be talking to, I htink the door on that closes more hsut every passing day.
Yeah man that up and down shit sucks..I wanna be even keeled, I want something thats not gonna change too much you know... and it's crazy how nonchalant I was about almost being run over...that's kinda scary.

@J. Did
Oh shit I meant friday...damn you!

Yeah I talked to a this clear girl named holly, it was her birthday and she drove three hours from the virginia tech area to party with her girls down here cause theres nothing to do out her way. I started talking to her when I went in the bathroom and when I came out I was like "you shoulda just went in the boys room" from there we talked, she told me libras were the goddess of sex and love and I told her "thats crazy cause scorpios are the kings of sex and passion! Dance with me!" and we went in the corner by the fishtank and danced and then she turned and started nudging my neck...

If your cousin's cool, then yeah put me down and my creedo has always been "I don't discriminate... Is she here in Va?

Uh in the commonwealth clubs close at 130 and errbodys out by 145...Plus I really didn't feel like doing any after club macking so yeah..
and 230 awwwww snaps!

Demiera said...

Ahh shit, shake that ass while movin like a gypsy... Sorry they play that Swing song out here at parties too much, like it's supposed to be an anthem or somethin...(by the way, it's by some dude named Savage. Just so you know)

And i know what you mean about dancin with people with no rhythm, except its reverse...some guys move too much too. My bf is smart...he just stands there and lets me do the work. He can't mess up my flow and I can do my South Side jukin without interruption =P

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