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I've been tagged by That girl...Brown Chicken Brown Cow.. (if you say it right it sounds funny) But I'm changing the rules...cause I just wanna shake shit up... Normally you tag people and link to them blah blah blah... But no, The first five people to comment, consider yourself tagged, how you like them apples?

Here are the Rules:

3.Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself

1.I was riding with Lloyd to go somewhere when I see this dude in a chicken suit outside a KFC holding a sign that says like "KFC = MURDER" and there were all these other protesters outside... So this chick walks up to the car (we were at a red light) and hands me a pamphlet that talks about how KFC tortures there chickens and the inhumane conditions they keep them in for the sake of profit. From that moment on I decided to stop fuckin with KFC... that was like in Febuary '08.
Fast forward to 10/17/2008 I'm at a Kentacohut and I'm hungry as hell, I look at the dual menus and the only thing that looks like it will fill me up is the two piece with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. I battle with my concience and order it then return home to eat it. As I drive off I see protesters walking with there signs to KFC...

I get home and I feel like pookie
as I opened that plastic container and smelled that sweet crispy herbs and spices. That first bite was like an old GF flying back into town for a 3 hour layover...Ecstasy! I wish guilt always tasted like that!

2.I'm a closet nerd, although I'm slowly coming out the closet with the females I talk to. All my boys know it's nothing for them to call me and find me engaged in geeking out.
3.everytime I jump with a girl, the thought of a two-minute drill is always in the back of my mind and it scares the shit outta me. I mean I'm not very selfish about sex and I get more pleasure form the more I give....because I'm so generous. I'm a giver by nature.
4.I love disco. I watch a movie like Saturday Night Fever or Dazed and Confused before I go out and it's sets my swagger on fire! Those really were the days. Girls weren't crabbing with the coochie, the only thing you had to worry about from unprotected sex was crabs and pregnancy. 4:20 anyone?
5.I still have yet to find my personal brand that truly expresses my personality through my clothes. I'm still evolving it. I'll find myself shopping and be like. "Damn I wish I had a stylist, it'd make it so much easier!"
6. I miss the triple kiss...do y'all remember that? I'd be watching spring break 1999 and be like "I can't wait to go to college, go on spring break and run through all those drunk co-eds!" I don't even think Spring Break is the same anymore like that... I believe 2K99 -2K01 was like the GGW era


Kandi Black said...

no one has commented here...guess they didn't wanna be tagged!

well i shall be the first tagged one...and dude, i wouldnt have been paying them protesting people no attention. KFC is the shit!

hb said...

LMAO i was about to say ppl are tryin to be taged lmao lmao!
i guess i'll do it as well..

Video Vix[o]n said...

okay, I'll go with it, why not?

lmao @ feeling like Pookie. I cant fucks with a KFC, but i was compelled to eat it, i might get that too. id mess with the biscuits though, at least.

triple kiss? thats some GGW shit. love to see me some of that up at my school more. oh baby, what a sight that'd be.

PhlyyGirl said...

Fukk it, I'll bite the bullet and tag myself.

What's funny is that I saw a GGW infomerical this morning,and I remember thinking "Damn, I remember when I was in like the 10th grade and couldn't wait to get to college to get on one of those tapes"

Needless to say, you've never seen a black girl on any GGW so that pretty much means I failed that task.
Oh well.

Dallas Black said...

im it i guess.

I cant do fast food period ESPECIALLY not KFC. But I member back in that day when they had the strawberry Parfait dessert that sat in the case for about 3 weeks just fermentin....jus hmmm hmm good!

You are not the only nerd. i have many times had a chick on speakerphone while beatin homies on Tom Clancy's Vegas on XBOX 360...TANGO DOWN! Huh? what you say baby? Alpha team go, Bravo team go, enter and clear...flashbang..."

Eh, my XBOX name is BlackReign78 btw..i mean...jus sayin.

About the stylist, dont tell nobody but imma about to get a shopper at nordstrom to set me aside some shit.

Dallas Black

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

ok sooooooo I'm number 5 but I don't count.

LMFAO --- "only thing you had to worry about from unprotected sex was crabs and pregnancy"

The Black Russian said...

this was interesting lol... KFC is your crack lol

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

Why does this blog remind me of my life or some shit i would type...
thats crazy and scary!!!
oh and Spring Break ??? In this recession.... Not on McCain's Watch! LOL!

Demiera said...

Dammit! Missed the top 5...lmao...

KFC's mac and cheese is that crack. I could eat that shit for breakfast lunch and dinner. And their biscuits. Not so sure about the chicken though...

I'M DOWN WITH THE 4:20...!!

karrie b. said...

WOW @ you loving saturday night. good shit andre...never woulda thought.


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

KFC= that good stuff. KFC's mac and cheese really is crack like demiera stated. And the funny thing is their mac isnt that good, but it is good. If that even makes sense.

But i guess its because i have an unconditional love for mac and cheese. So whether it was highschool cafeteria mac and cheese or my moms home cooked mac and cheese, it didnt matter. I'm going to it eat.

Eb the Celeb said...

ha... I want you to NOT feel like poookie

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