Is it kind of petty to wanna stunt on somebody you used to like/talk to/crush on? Like if you know that certain person is gonna be there and you bring "a girl that sooo pretty that even she wants to give her a kiss!" But you do it not in a obvious way just real subtle like. I like to feel that stunting is the perfect opportunity to say to that person
"Look at me now! You missed out and now I've got something better and we're happy and stuff and look at you, sitting there looking stupid with that stupid look on your face. I see you'came here alone/with some cornball ass blow pop duck ass dude, but look at him and look at me! I know you're thinking; damn...I missed out and now he's got a girl that looks better than me,she's probably cooler than me! Now I have to smile and fake while it eats me up inside seeing them together! RAAAWRR"

Of course the way I envision that going is pretty fantastical and it's very petty and childish and a teeny weeny bit immature, but so fucking what? I don't need my two semesters of psychology and one semster of sociology to know that egos and pride are a mufucka! and regardless of how someone may talk that goony goo goo emotionless shit like it's all skittles and starbursts, on some level it'll fuck with you.

I remember a girl "Kim"I fancied. We were kicking it or whatever and I found out through her homegirl, that she went to the club with her girl, met some dude at the club, took the cat back home and got her threesome on. Now I heard this and I wasn't thinkin like

"Damn how could she?"


"What about us trying to build?"

Because you know liek, I'm out in that water too, so how would I look tryna charge her up about that shit?

I'm like "damn Kim, I saw you and your punk ass girl earlier that same day, why the fuck couldn't y'all double up on me?" (calls waaambulance)

Anyways back to stunting, I knew a certain girl that I kinda wanted to talk to was gonna be at a little get together, so I brought my kinda sorta girl at the time, who was "sooo pretty that even she wanted to give her a kiss" and it went just like I thought it would. Not nearly as dramatic as stated above but it was like a little bug in her ear. So later on down the line me and this certain girl went out and we're supposed to be talking or whatever when my "kinda sorta girl" got brought up out of nowheres. A naysayer might say she just wanted to know whether or not I still flucked with the girl... and thats why I shun naysayers... and commence with my stunting.


Demiera said...


Not gonna lie, stuntin is one of my favorite things to do. I stunt on exes, hoes, random females, dudes diddyboppin down the street...everyone. Hell i would stunt on myself if I could. Stuntin is not petty, it's a way of life. When you stunt you not only look good but you feel good...why wouldn't someone want a little boost of confidence? Sure it's at the expense of someone else's feelings, but if you're stunting on a person you don't really care about their feelings anyway...

PhlyyGirl said...

"A naysayer might say she just wanted to know whether or not I still flucked with the girl... and thats why I shun naysayers"

Clearly naysayers know nothing. She wanted to get rid of that ether that you had dropped on her soul months earlier. Lol@ skittles and starbursts. Don't know why that made me laugh.
Ain't nothing wrong with stunting on people if you're ina position to do so. It's pretty much a fact of life. I mean if the situation was reversed do you think they wouldn't stunt on you????
I rest my case.

PhlyyGirl said...

" Hell i would stunt on myself if I could."

OMG. Demiera you are such a fucking fool.
Gotta love your swag. I think you just gave me my new quote for the week. LOL

Lina said...

Just cause its petty doesn't mean that shit aint effective than a mufucka.

A.M. said...

fancied? Commenced? Lol you make me laugh. Yo there is nothing wrong with stuntin', I can't wait to stunt on "him" too...but I think u only stunt on people when ur still into them, other wise u wouldn't really care.

Jaded said...

Stuntin' is obligatory. I mean really, isn't there a saying that goes: the best revenge is to be happy??? Well how the fuck do you let people know you're happy??

YOU STUNT. And the more the other person effected (affected?) you, the harder you do it. It's a continuum really.

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