What is winehousing?

I've incorporated winehousing into my everyday vocabulary since about the beginning of summer now. Occasionally people will be like "fuck are you talking about?" and then I you know give them a brief description and etymology of the word. But I believe that when you look up winehousing in Webster's Dictionary, this picture should be there.

-I've finally got my old laptop fixed a brand spanking new laptop, top of the line, I spared no expense.So yeah...


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

winehousing is kind of self explanatory if youre familiar with amy winehouse and her drunken journeys

Jaded said...

Hmmm. I always figured you as a "mac" guy. Go figured.

that pic is great.

Eb the Celeb said...

OK... so i was still confused until I say taryn's explanation so thank you girl

Andre said...

I need to listen to frank again because that can't be the same girl...I remember I was out to sea when I started digging Back2Black, oblivious to all her exploits...I'm thinkin damn this girl is sexy as hell...then I get back on land and I'm like "the fuck happened"

@jay did
Me a "mac"?
Winehousing just brings people together...

@eb the C-leb
Winehousing is to getting sauced and lit as munson is to failure.

Cee.A.Don.Is said...

I'm definitely gonna start winehousing it up... that's fly... gotta use it

hb said...

let me find out i got you amy wined out lol. i thought it was self-explanatory.

PhlyyGirl said...

Guess I love Amy so much that I already knew what it meant. Definitely gonna be alot of that going on this weekend for homecoming. You should come through. Gratuitous winehousing for all.

I kinda thought you'd be a mac guy too.

Happy weekend

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I'm MAC all day baby.

Anywho.. Happy Winehousing

I tagged you. someone tagged me so I tagged you. ;) check out my last post

A.M. said...

Silly goose...but hot on the lap top, I really need a new one too SMH. God I'm poor :/

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

when amy did the frank album she was only doing weed and then back to black was when she started effing with heroine and cat and horse tranquilizers, thats why she lost all her curves and started looking effed up. i liked back to black more though even thought she became rehab material.

Gorgeous Geek said...

i guess when someone says 'fuck are you talking about?' you can say 'you know like Amy winehousin'...'

I think that analogy gets the point across clearly


Jaded said...

No! Not mac like Mack Daddy. Mac like Apple Mac. You know Steve Jobs and his empire!?!

Andre= Mac

ps. Did you call me Jay did?
thats hot.

Andre said...

What the hell are you waiting for...it's all the rage!

You would think so, but I get the "Joey Tribiani" where they just nod and smile and not know what the fuck I'm chattin bout.

I can't keep up with these youngsters and their ever changing slang.. I would like to be a MAC guy cause "chilly willy" aka Pharrell is a MAC... I heard that it was like NSU, or HU, or Howard's homecoming this weekend or something like that..but working on sunday kinda limits my weekend for reals.

karrie b. said...

fuckin lush.


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