How Andre met Lloyd pt.3 Lurst in Translation

So we're in the raft on our way there and I'm scared as shit, I mean I can swim and all but the thought of what's under this lake plus it was a little nippy outside too and I had on my new puma's too... so after what seemed like a eternity we get across the river.
So we debark and after a short walk we get to the get together spot, which is a pretty impressive raging fire with fallen trees well worn from many a ass sitting, kinda like the campsite from "Are you afraid of the Dark." Plus it had those real comfortable collapsible camping chairs. A cooler full of beer, and munches and two three person tents. So we all sit around the fire and have our palaver.
Now as our hosts sit down they all crack a beer and offer one to me and "southstar". I can't stand the taste of beer, unless it's some real shit like Smirnoff ice or mike's hard something. So I'm like
"aww nah, heh heh I had to much to drink already, I don't think my stomach could take it!"
Corn fed white boy (CFWB) 1: That's good cause bias the perfect thing for that!

Corn fed white boy (CFWB) 2: yeah have a bia!
*cracks one and hands one to me and lloyd*

I felt like Jake in the Monte Carlo with Denzel...I gotta think quick cause I know how serious white people take drinking beer. So I take it and all their blue eyes were on me as I brought it to my lips and took a fake (but very convincing) swig.
So I peep how dark it is and I just start pouring it out as I set it by my side, and after they see me "kill" that first one, they're just feeding me "bia's". But fuck that shit, "southstar" can drink them "bia's" but jeremiah is gonna stay woke.
So they tell me how for the guys the only thing to really look forward to is lobster season for the money you get for catching lobster cause it's like a family business for some, and the money the tourists bring in during lobsterfest. Cause people come down from places like Canada just for it. Nicole was like it sucks cause girls had to look forward to being fishermans wives if they were fucking with a dude who's dad was a fisherman.
I regale them with tales of life at sea, exotic women of the middle east, and me and "southstar" just tell 'em how it is in the ATL (lloyd's a DSGB for real, it's crazy cause he grew up right across the street

from my duplex on 741 English Ave in downtown atlanta, which is fully furnished with appliances, minutes away from CAU and the dome and perfect for the young professional or college student.

So now the fire is winding down. And it's getting kinda chilly out for reals, but my lurst is still a raging inferno. so CFWB1 is like "I'm gonna turn in" and we all head to the tents. I'm like "where are me and "southstar" gonna sleep?" Nicole takes my hand and leads me to a tent with one of the CFWB's in it already laying down. So in this 4 person tent it's "southstar" with a blanket on my right, nicole on my left sharing a comforter with me and a CFWB in a sleeping bag on nicole's other side. So as soon as we lay down and our under the covers, the lurst makes a puppet of my body. So we're under this comforter just hunching, kissing and rubbing like we're teens at a church lock in. So our mucking about, her moaning and our heavy breathing finally disturbed the CFWB and he was like "I'm leaving to get some sleep"

So now it really goes down, she kicks the comforter back and is laying spread eagle while I play with her coochie and she's playing with "that bad boy" at the same time. So while my hand is rubbing and fingering, I feel lloyd's hot breath while he's reaching over me and his fingers touching mine down there in her bajango! I'm like "Lloyd!! Fuck are you doin!" *As I push his hands away* But not real loud cause I don't want to spoil the intimacy, when he has the nerve to say to me...
"stop hoggin' the guts!"
I don't know what to do, well I do actually cause even though she's like just laid back moaning and enjoying herself and just so ready, I can't let this continue can I? Plus with nicole stroking me, and "southstar" leaning over me to get to her goodies, its a little to close for comfort! So I strap up and roll over on top of her and jack rabbit fuck the shit outta her all while lloyd is just there looking crazy. So I put it down and we finished and I just passed the hell out and went scraight to sleep. So I wake up before everybody in our tent with morningwood harder than termite teeth! Nicole is knocked the fuck out and I'm soo ready. So I fake yawn and stretch under the comforter and stuff trying to nudge her awake.
I try the old "rub it on her booty"
So I lay down and close my eyes and wake up around the time everyone else is. I've got that gunk in my eyes from sleeping in my contacts so I walk with "southstar" to the rivers edge and wash my face and pee like a wildman. So while I'm "washing" my face Lloyd charges me up like...
"I can't believe you cuffed them guts last night!"
Me: Fuck are you talkin about? You shoulda just put it on her shoulder or something.
"But you slapped my hand away"
Me: I did, didn't I?

After refreshing and relieving ourselves in the muddy banks..we just stood and enjoyed the early morning light hitting the water. It truly was a beautiful sight.
So the CFWB's are paking there stuff away cause they're just gonna go across the lake and stay in the cabin over there. So we all pile in the boat and it seems worse because I can actually see how much the boat dips with nicole,lloyd the two CFWB's and myself in the boat. I mean the waterline was like 6 inches from the lip of the boat. We get halfway across and this boat comes flying down the water like 30 yards away and that wake looks like it's gonna tip us! It doesn't but it's still scary as hell.
So we get back to the car and on the ride down nicole was telling me how she's not normally like that she just got caught up in the moment..yadda yadda yada

So she drops us off at her house for us to walk back to the ferry. On the way back we walk past the Lobsterfest Parade, criticizing the sea godesses and stuff and we haven't stopped walking since....

Pictures of the raft ride, lloyd in the tent lookin like shawn kemp and the car ride back

Pictures of the lobsterfest sea goddess parade and shriners


kmx. said...

"stop hoggin' the guts!"
- LMAO. Can't wait til pt.4.
& Of course she would say that after, BULLSH*T! She know she did all the CFWB's there & some at some point or another.

Lina said...

Shawty, that was hilarious. I wonder how many other adventures you and Lloyd had after that one.

Andre said...

Pt.4? There's a lot more tails of debauch about the next day of lobsterfest '07 but they are pretty wild and it's me leaving the fold to pursue my solo interests....
And yeah I kinda smelled BS when she said that, but me and lloyd talked about it we were like "most girls just want to get wild and us comin into town gives them a chance to let them do it, if only for one night"

Me and lloyd try and get it in as much as possible but now it seems like when he's on, I'm not and visa versa.

iCandy21 said...

lmao lloyd is a mess! smh hoggin the guts though?! woooooooow! and glad u got ur lurst on lol

Kandi Black said...

that was effin crazy...i guess ya friend wanted to get in on the good loving too and u wuz being stingy with it...lmao

Melody.Darlene said...

corn fed white boy?!!

aaaaahahahha! ur hilarious!

hb said...

smh. southstar is crazy...

guess it was smart you got in that canoe!!

Jaded said...

I feel uncomfortable with the fact that you were having sex in the same tent as lloyd.... Also those Clear guys look harmless.

K. Denise said...

Okay so. I partially believe her.

Also...Im mad I know all about that gunk in your eyes next morning thing because of contacts....terrible.

That tends to only happen when you stay somewhere you werent planning on staying..

Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

Oh lordy lord.

Funny and kudos for keeping the cooch for just you.

Sharing is NOT caring.

Andre said...

Woah hold up...you quench your lurst, you don't get it on! But yeah I was glad too!
@Black Kandi
If lloyd had been on point he could've had something of his own!

@Jade did
Uncomfortable? What kind of dude would I be if I kicked my homeboy out of the tent? I mean if she's cool with it, so am I. Plus you're not really good good friends unless you've seen each other nude or semi nude!
I kinda believe it to.. I mean a girl can't just like sex? Ohhh that gunk is a mufucka, but you know sometimes it gets bad and sometimes it doesn't...wierd huh?

@chick chicka boom

Sharing is always caring, I mean if lloyd woulda been more proactive I know it would've been some "fingercuffin" goin on in that tent...

A.M. said...

DAMn andre...DAMN!!!

Ur def crazy and have the pictures to prove it. Small ass town, and scary ass water. I can't swim so I don't do lakes and shit.

Back to the hw & is there a pt 4?

Zay The Gr3at said...

i wasn't the one takin the pix, i was sent to me in a chain email! but trust i woulda ran his ass ova!

Zay The Gr3at said...

i wasn't the one takin the pix, i was sent to me in a chain email! but trust i woulda ran his ass ova!

Demiera said...

Aww man. What a finale lol...
And I hate the taste of beer too. It's one of those beverages I have to already be drunk to drink.
I'm mad ol' dude was trying to get in on some action...I woulda said "ugghhh nigga you gay" lmao....

Man I wish I had crazy adventures like this to share!

queenbee said...

Lol@ I can't stand the taste of beer, unless its some hard shit like smirnoff or mikes u r so funny

This was the beginnin of a wonderful friendship--gettin left in bumblefuck, drinkin 'bia' with cfwb(da best!) and jumpin up and down with ur mans next to u..can't ask for more :)

Video Vix[o]n said...

LOL @ "yeah have a bia!" white folk luv dem some beer man.

y'all two go hard. thats what i like. took a crazy ass night and made it work. thats some true friend shit right there. keep the tales coming man. yall need a show. think about it.

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